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3 Top Tips to Create Quality Marketing Videos for Australian Businesses

3 Top Tips to Create Quality Marketing Videos for Australian Businesses

by Alison Lurie

Create Quality Marketing Videos for Australian Businesses

If your business in Australia is not gaining enough potential clients and customers, your marketing strategies might not be that effective. So, you can get excellent pointers from well-known Australian marketing videos like the Big Ad from Carlton Draught. It showcased hundreds of men in a field forming shapes of a person and a beer, and it was the most well-thought commercial in all of Australia at that time.

While you might not have the funds or the workforce to achieve such an extravagant ad, you can still create quality content cost-effectively at scale with Shootsta Australia or other video production apps. However, you should learn several tips and tricks to use for video production to achieve exceptional results, and some of which are:

Tip #1: Always Use a Clean Background

One well-known trick that many businesses in Australia do when creating marketing videos is choosing the perfect background. It will not matter if you have the best and charismatic speaker in front of the camera if our video’s background looks off or does not fit the entire theme. And if you want to start somewhere with background options, you can always go for plain-coloured backgrounds and use bedsheets, walls, or anything that can provide you with a clean background.

Meanwhile, if you do not want a plain background, you have the option to use your office as a background. However, you need to keep the office background free from any mess and keep everything professional. You can also use one of your employee’s home workspace if you have them working from home.

Tip #2: Proper Lighting Is Key

Another video production tip you can follow is learning how to use quality lighting. Even if you can create quality content cost-effectively at scale with Shootsta Australia or another video production app, the video may still not look great due to improper lighting. So, usually, Australian businesses buy a light ring if there is only one person in the video talking.

But if your marketing video involves dozens of people, you need extensive lighting to ensure everyone can be seen in the shot. Also, keep in mind that using too much lighting can create background shadows, which may distract viewers. So you need to keep the lighting perfectly balanced to avoid annoying shadows from showing up.

Tip #3: Keep the Video Editing Simple and Professional

Another excellent tip you can incorporate into your marketing or promotional videos is to keep the video editing within the middle. It means you should never edit too much or too little because it can ruin the video’s overall look, making it an eyesore for some users. Meanwhile, your video needs to appear professional as it is an effective method to capture prospective clients.

So, avoid trimming too much of the video’s time because it can become annoying when the person keeps talking straight without pausing within the middle of their sentences. You should also make the video in a quiet part of your office to avoid creating too much background noise. This is important since a noisy background can drown the person’s voice in the video, especially when you do not have a proper mic that reduces unwanted noise.

Hopefully, you can follow these different top tips and tricks to create your marketing videos. Also, note that doing reshoots will cost valuable time and money, so you have to get the entire process flawlessly.

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