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5 Effortless Tips To Care For Your Hair Extensions At Home

5 Effortless Tips To Care For Your Hair Extensions At Home

by Alison Lurie

Hair extensions are one of the best ways to enhance your looks and boost your confidence. Whether you face hair loss, low volume, or want a specific look for an event, hair extensions are the way to go! Hair extensions are artificial hairs shaped as an extension that can increase the volume of your hair. To improve the style quotient, one can add an extension with a colour of their liking. 

There are many ways you can use hair extensions. You can colour them or use them as highlights. You can buy hair extensions for all hair types because they are available in different textures. They can help you cover up your extreme hair loss, hide a haircut that doesn’t suit you, or create a specific look. If you are hesitant because of their maintenance, this article will guide you about home-based inexpensive techniques to care for your luxurious hair extensions.

Easy Tips To Take Care of Hair Extensions

Don’t take your hair extensions for granted just because they do not originate from your scalp. Hair extensions need an equal amount of care to last longer. Read on to know some easy measures to keep your hair extensions as good as your natural hair. 

Regular washing 

Wash your hair extensions routinely and choose the right products for them. It needs shampoo and conditioner to remain shiny and retain its natural look. Avoid shampoos and conditioners with sulphates and alcohols because it makes the hair strands frizzy. 

Your routine washing will yield the results once you find the right products for your hair extensions. 

Careful brushing

Like you damage your hair by brushing them swiftly, your hair extensions also face the same problem. It is advisable to get a new brush for your hair extensions and brush them carefully. 

The attachment with the clip becomes loose over time, and hair strands start falling, so it is better to always brush your hair before and after taking them off. 

Condition them every week

Apart from using conditioners after shampoo, it is also essential to give oil treatment to your hair extensions. Oiling and washing is a healthy practice to maintain the texture of the hair. 

You can invest in an essential oil and weekly massage the strands and let them soak in the oil. 

Styling techniques

If you give heat treatment to your hair extensions to get a particular look, it’s time to control it. Heat can damage the hair, both natural and artificial. Don’t exploit the hair extensions by constant heating to protect the softness and shine of the strand. 

Treat them with controlled temperature and always do proper oiling for the extensions. 

Untangle them every day

Had one of those fun night out parties and came home all lazy? Do not forget to untangle and separate the hair extension bonds after that. Unlike your natural hair, they might get tangled and detach from the clip if brushed harshly. 

Final words

Maintain your flawless looks and buy hair extensions without worrying about their maintenance. If you keep a few simple tips in mind, like brushing them regularly, shampooing and conditioning them timely, these simple home care tips will keep your hair extensions beautiful and durable. 

This way, you can create any look and experiment with your hairstyles the way you want stress-free!

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