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5 Incredible Tips to Invest in SMSF Property

by Alison Lurie

One to four people alone establish a self-managed super fund (SMSF) to provide retirement benefits. While SMSF members receive the same tax breaks and benefits as retail, corporate, or super business funds, the main distinction and draw for many is the ability for individuals to take direct control of the invested assets.

The trustees are in charge of SMSF property investment decisions. They can create various financial plans tailored to each member’s unique needs and update these plans as conditions change. It is advantageous to respond swiftly and forcefully when an investment opportunity presents itself.

The members are also the fund’s trustees, so they have complete control over the investments and are in charge of making investment choices. Since it became feasible for SMSFs to borrow money to fund an immediate property purchase, investing in real estate through an SMSF has become increasingly popular in recent years. You should ensure you understand what you’ll get into in this area. 

Here are some tips for using your SMSF to purchase real estate:

Assets Of The Members Must Be Kept Separate From The Investments Of The SMSF.

Investors need to be aware that dealings with an SMSF should be conducted on an arms-length basis. You can’t use SMSF to buy a house for your children to live in since you’re not allowed to buy, sell, or lease to a related member of your knowledge.

Any Asset’s Investment Should Be In Line With Its Market Value.

You need to make sure you purchase the property when the market is low to maximise the revenue you may receive when you give your asset out on rent. You usually need to put 20% as a deposit for your property purchase when using an SMSF.

SMSF Can Be A Complex Process

The process of making an investment in an SMSF asset can be extremely complicated, and there are severe consequences for making mistakes. However, you can actively seek expert guidance to assist with managing the fund and provide you with pertinent advice to adhere to the rules and regulatory requirements.

Plan Your SMSF Properly

When the time comes to transition to the pension/retirement phase, an SMSF can enable you to do so almost seamlessly without having to sell down assets. It prevents you from incurring tax on capital gains (CGT) and other transaction fees. You don’t have to sell your assets, such as shares, to avoid paying taxes and additional costs. Keep your investments and start taking income from your SMSF balance. Hence efficient planning of your SMSF helps a lot.

Understand The Asset Protection Aspect Of An SMSF Investment

For many people, especially in business, asset protection is a top priority, and superannuation is a structure that safeguards its members from legal action and bankruptcy. Your superannuation rewards are probably safe from creditors in either of these scenarios. The owner of a failing business may be left with nothing more than their remaining superannuation balance. However, since retirement is the intended use of superannuation, you cannot use it to finance a failing business.

For instance, if asset protection is your primary objective. Then buying an SMSF property investment would be preferable to buying the property under your name.


A terrific way to invest for retirement is to purchase an investment property through an SMSF. Still, investors must understand whether this strategy suits their financial situation.

Before making an SMSF property investment. It’s advisable to think about your fund’s capital, cash flow, and whether borrowing will be required.

The fund should ideally be sufficient to finance the purchase of a property and cover unforeseen costs and circumstances without causing stress. Having some degree of diversification in your superannuation investments is very beneficial.

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