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Acumen EHR – Your Guide for 2022!

Acumen EHR – Your Guide for 2022!

by Reddy Prasad (Admin)

Acumen EHR is a unique EMR system created by nephrologists for nephrologists. It combines the features of EHR with practice management software to create a more efficient workflow for medical offices. This system is built on a web-based platform and offers a comprehensive set of capabilities to help nephrologists. Epic Care is the engine behind this nephrology-specific EHR software, which is designed with nephrologists in mind. It offers IT-based tools and services that will empower doctors and assist them to provide best-in-class treatment. In addition, the vendor helps nephrology clinics create compact, progressive, and integrated patient care facilities.

Patients with renal illness can be managed with the help of this Epic-powered vendor. It satisfies physicians’ expectations by providing data-intensive services and enabling relevant data insights. Chronic kidney illness, end-stage renal disease, kidney problems, and allergies are all helped by the system. The provider offers a nephrology-specific workflow through its internet-service approach. Acumen 2.0, being a functionality solution, facilitates the most efficient data transfer. Using Epic Care’s depth and breadth, it assists physicians in overcoming clinical difficulties and obstacles. Additionally, sensible solutions help practitioners avoid burnout. In this piece, we are going to talk about Acumen EHR & it’s amazing features. We are also going to cover Acumen 2.0 Reviews and Acumen 2.0 EHR pricing so keep reading!

Features of Acumen EHR Demo to Look For:

Client Portal:

The patient portal is the most effective approach to engage patients. Acumen 2.0 has a fully functional patient portal that allows customers to access their information remotely. The cloud-based program has a user-friendly interface that can be viewed from any location. For the clients, it functions as a multi-purpose tool. They can be used to view documents such as progress notes, charts, and laboratory results. It may be used to make online appointments, pay bills, and invoices, as well as provide instructional materials.

It keeps the patient’s profiles up to date to ensure that the patient’s expectations are met. Patients are kept informed about their clinical results and treatment progress at all times. It improves patient outcomes by including them in the care management process.

Custom Clinical Content:

Acumen 2.0 includes point-of-care customization of clinical material. It adheres to all regulatory requirements in order to provide a wide range of nephrology-specific services. This eliminates the requirement for nephrologists to remember clinical procedures entirely. It even takes care of the paperwork requirements for clinical procedures. It has follow-up requirements and patient education materials to assist physicians to manage their daily workflow. Referral orders and more tailored clinical material are occasionally available through the system.

It keeps track of the patient population through a series of registries. In addition, the application keeps track of clinical metrics and care planning information. The program also provides information on vaccinations and a list of nephrology-related health codes.


Acumen 2.0 is a truly interoperable platform. It enables a very safe data-sharing system. This tool allows nephrologists to exchange information with Epic and non-Epic care groups. It allows the world’s largest integrated medical network to share data. High-grade security methods are used to keep the data safe. Clients can move in and out of various care centers because of the interoperability function. It improves clinical efficiency and improves communication between doctors and hospitals.

Through its connectivity and data exchange services, physicians have better visibility into longitudinal patient databases. As a consequence, they are better equipped to make well-informed care choices for the benefit of the patient. It also aids in the reduction of mistakes and service duplication.

Reporting and Analysis:

A useful reporting module is included with the system. Its goal is to produce actionable data-driven insights regarding clinical performance. It creates reports depending on pre-determined performance parameters. It also indicates whether or not the system conforms with legal requirements. To track clinical results, it generates performance trend charts. There are other elements for population management. Therefore, the program examines whether the practice’s services fall inside the continuum of care using its wide toolkit.

A value-based reporting feature is included in this system for collecting the diagnosis of complicated patient groups. It also generates customized advanced care planning reports and includes CKD-specific client management codes for client management.

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Few Facts You Need to Know About Acumen 2.0 EHR:

Regardless of the truth that nephrologists have long acknowledged the power of information technology to aid in the delivering of advanced and synchronized client care, most of them perceive today’s office IT systems to be exceedingly inefficient. Acumen 2.0, a simplified solution suited to the needs of individual nephrology practices created by FMCNA in conjunction with Epic Systems, demonstrates how IT may finally deliver on its promise. The advantages of improved nephrology—specific treatments, data, and analytics, as well as a fully working patient portal—are already being enjoyed by early adopters.

While Acumen 2.0 makes use of Epic Systems’ technology platform’s depth and breadth, it is designed to be simple and straightforward in order to meet the demands of particular nephrology clinics. For several years, FMCNA’s Acumen Physician Solutions team has been designing and delivering nephrology office products (Acumen EHR, Practice Management, and Mobile Charge Capture), giving them a solid grasp of nephrology office requirements. Over several months, the team gathered information and ideas from nephrologists and office users in preparation for the switch to Acumen 2.0.

Acumen 2.0 EHR Reviews and Pricing

Acumen 2.0 has received a high score, with all evaluations being good. The program is well-known for saving a significant amount of time and efficiently managing the whole practice. The software is regarded as being extremely user-friendly, as well as simple and straightforward to use. The program is simple to use, therefore, with a minimal learning curve and a clean and straightforward user interface. Acumen 2.0 optimizes and simplifies the handling of all records/knowledge.

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