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Benefits and tips of choosing standing desks

Benefits and tips of choosing standing desks

by Alison Lurie

Australian research states that sitting for a prolonged time can impact the health of individuals. Since working in an office allows you to sit for an extended period, you require ergonomic furniture like standing desks. A standing desk, also called a sit-stand desk or stand-up desk, allows you to alternate between standing and sitting by raising or lowering the desk or work platform. So, if you are searching for such desks, you can continue reading and gain some tips. But before that, you can learn the advantages of these sit-stand desks.

What are the benefits of the sit-stand desks?

Sit-stand desks can be adjustable either manually or electronically in many modern iterations. They help in toning muscles, improving posture and increasing productivity. Read on to know more about the benefits:

  • They can help improve posture and tone muscles: Apart from sitting, you need to incorporate standing into your routine. Standing can help strengthen the ankle, foot muscles, leg, and core during the working day. After all, you utilise more strength when you stand for an hour. But you must ensure to stand correctly and not end up slouching. You can also improve posture by keeping your head high, pushing the shoulders back, and standing straight.
  • They help reduce back pain: Office workers who sit daily complain about back pain. Hence, many studies have been conducted on office workers with long-term back pain. As per research, participants using sit-stand desks for several weeks had 32 per cent improvement in lower back pain. Research conducted by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) suggests that sit-stand desks decreased neck pain and upper back by 54 per cent after a month. Furthermore, the health improvements reversed within 14 days when the desks were removed.
  • They can improve productivity: Improved productivity from the employees can immensely help the business’s growth. So, every company needs to invest in standing desks. Research suggests that swapping traditional desks with sit-stand desks improved engagement at work. Furthermore, participants had fewer musculoskeletal issues. And after a year, the participants lowered their sitting by about 82 minutes every day. Another study with 60 employees states that utilising sit-stand desks for 4 hours per day had no impact on typing errors.

How to choose sit-stand desks?

To choose a suitable sit-stand desk, you will need some tips so that you can make a swift decision. So, the following are a few tips:

Implications of noise: Since sit-stand desks are created with motors, they might make a lot of noise and produce clatter. But that’s not the case for every office desk. A few desks attainable in the market do not make much noise. So, you can choose those desks that don’t produce excessive noise. Hence, implications of noise must be considered while picking.

Cost and quality: Different office desks come in different price ranges. Some sit-stand desks are more outrageous than the others. But make sure you don’t rush to purchase the affordable ones. After all, some online retailers might have the best desks, and you might have to splurge a little. It is essential to buy quality pieces by finding the best online retailers. So, apart from scrutinising the options for high-quality desks, you must also consider the cost.

Weight capacity: Another factor to consider is weight capacity. If the desks do not have sufficient space, you might not be able to place your essential office items. A significant number of sit-stand desks can house various office items.

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