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Cowboy Hat Materials: What Do You Need to Know 

Cowboy Hat Materials: What Do You Need to Know 

by Reddy Prasad (Admin)

If you’re a heat wearer and prefer to wear cowboy hats, you won’t be able to face any problems while choosing the right hat for you. However, if you’re planning to wear the cowboy hats for the first time, things might not go as you expect. Even though there are various important things you need to consider while choosing the best cowboy hats, the material is the ultimate consideration.

The materials you choose for your cowboy hats will determine their cost, durability, longevity, and functionality. People prefer wearing straw cowboy hats during the summer months as they regulate airflow. On the other hand, felt cowboy hats are perfect for the winter months as they are extremely effective at keeping your head warm. If you choose cheap cowboy hats, they might not last long or look well.

For most people, the purchasing process of the cowboy hats becomes extra daunting because they don’t know much about the materials used in the cowboy hats. Each material feature specific advantages. Hence, you need to know about them meticulously to choose the perfect one. Here is the detailed guide you need to know about cowboy hats.

How Cowboy Hats Are Shaped?

Cowboy hats are undoubtedly one of the best fashion accessories for many people, but why do people choose them in the first place? This is because the cowboy hats will not only protect your face, neck, and eyes from the sunlight, but they will also complete your outfit. Apart from sunlight cowboy hats will also protect you from dirt, dust, and other outdoor materials.

The brim of the cowboy hats is designed in such a way that it could protect your neck and forehead from rain and sun. This is an important function of the cowboy hats. But cowboy hats aren’t just for protecting you from the natural elements. They are also one of the most popular parts of the American fashion industry. Many people wear cowboy hats at formal and informal occasions to showcase their attitude and boldness. As per Leaf, formal dress code will help you look more confident.

Felt and straw are two of the most common styles of cowboy hats. They are perfect for anyone who wants to go through western appeal. It doesn’t matter what you pair with the cowboy hats, they will always look great on you.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Cowboy Hats

There are numerous factors you should consider while purchasing a great western hatHere is the list you need to follow:

  • Price
  • Comfortability
  • Material
  • Protection factor
  • Style

You need to pick cowboy hats depending on the season, event, and occasion. Here are some cowboy hat materials.


Leather is one of the best materials for cowboy hats. When you purchase a leather cowboy hatyou don’t need to worry about its durability and lifespan. However, most people don’t use them during the summer months or for work purposes as they trap heat. Hence, wearing leather cowboy hats in the summer months might be uncomfortable. As winter wear, the leather cowboy hats are extremely effective. You will face problems removing stains from the leather hats. So you need to use them carefully. You can also apply a protective spray on the leather cowboy hats to prevent them from cracking.

Fur Felt 

This is the most famous material option for the modern cowboy hats and they are mostly made of beaver fur, rabbit fur, or a combination of rabbit and beaver fur. Manufacturers use the symbol X to determine the quality of the fur cowboy hats. The more the X, the more beaver fur is used during the hat-making process. However, keep in mind that there exists no universal standard of grading. This is why you need to purchase fur felt cowboy hats from a reputed manufacturer. The fur-felt cowboy hats are perfect for the summer months as they will protect your skin and eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. On the other hand, they will also provide warmth during the winter months. Make sure you maintain your fur-felt cowboy hats properly to extend their longevity.


Straw is a cost-effective material option for cowboy hats. The straw cowboy hats are the perfect choice if you want to stay cool in hot weather. This is because straw cowboy hats come with great ventilation. Additionally, the cleaning process of the straw cowboy hats is super easy. You only need to use a damp cloth to wipe off any dust or debris. While cleaning the straw cowboy hats, make sure your stroke is counterclockwise so that you don’t end up damaging the grain. If the surface of the hat has accumulated tough dust or stain, consider using dish soap to clean it properly.

Wool Felt 

The wool felt and fur felt are very similar and they are used to craft traditional cowboy hats. But unlike the fur-felt cowboy hats, you cannot apply the steaming method to shape your wool cowboy hats. Instead, professional hat makers use the mold to shape the wool cowboy hats. They are stiffer. This means that they can remain in their natural shape for a long time. Even if you crush or fold the wool felt cowboy hats forcefully, they will still retain their original shape without any problem. This feature makes the wool-felt cowboy hats more effective for travel or storage purposes. The material is not only cost-effective but also requires less maintenance. Make sure you don’t use water while cleaning wool felt cowboy hats as water will shrink wool. This way the shape and internal structure of the cowboy hats might be damaged.

Why You Should Purchase Straw Cowboy Hats?

You cannot complete your summer outfits without wearing an effective straw cowboy hat. If you want to feel and look cool while also protecting yourself from the sunlight, you need to consider the straw cowboy hats. The straw cowboy hats will also help you look more sophisticated and confident.

Straw western hats are breathable and extremely lightweight. As they don’t absorb heat, you can wear them comfortably for summer riding. The straw cowboy hats will also shield you from wind and dust.


This is the detailed guide you need to know about cowboy hat materials. Make sure you visit our website if you need the best leather cowboy hats for winter protection.

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