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Everything you need to know about your car life extender

Everything you need to know about your car life extender

by Alison Lurie

Are you a car lover who’s worried about the mud and dirt that comes in after a beach night? Are you a unique person who buys regular things and changes them into your ways? Then custom car mats are your thing. Car mats increase the value of your car in comfort and style. These car floor mats make your weekend long drive feel complete with utmost solace. There are a variety of floor mats made from different materials. The most affordable and easily available material is the fabric floor mat. Rubber mats are durable mats that come in any design and colour. If you are a pool person, the all-weather vinyl mat and the nomad mats become your best buddy. They absorb water and spill to prevent the base of your car. Next is the 3D mats. These mats give your vehicle a posh and premium feel.

There are a lot of benefits to using these floor mats. They protect your car from water, food spills, mud and dust. They upgrade the look of your vehicle, ensuring top comfort, luxury and uniqueness from other automobiles. They also increase the resale value of your car with tidy interiors and no internal damages.

Things to know before investing in custom car mats

Why custom-made car mats?

There are two options while you want to invest in floor mats. The universal model and the custom fit model. Everybody has different preferences, and custom fit mats are a great option when you are a unique person with a creative sense. If you love neutral colours, you can go with blue, black, grey. If you, in fact, want a bold look, you can go with bright colours like red, blue, etc. The custom type has appreciable fit and coverage compared to universal ones.


The most important factor about car mats is the fit. It should fit perfectly in your car. If your mat is too large, it can hinder your driving. If the floor mat is too small, it will not serve any purpose. So it is essential to buy the optimum sized car mat.

Ridges and rims

Remember, ridges and rims are the main features of a floor mat. Buy a floor mat with high edges that form the perimeter of the car floor mat. It can prevent spills and trap liquid more effectively. A floor mat with big edges protects the floor of the car better.

Lock system

The backside of the floor mats should have a locking system to prevent them from moving. A car mat without this feature can do more harm than good. It can move and reach between the clutch and accelerator and cause disturbance while driving. The locking system can be nibs or teeth that hold the carpet firm to the base of your vehicle.


The thickness of the floor mat has to be perfect. It should minimise the mat’s movement and trap dust and water well. But, these mats should not be too heavy, making the cleaning process difficult. It would be problematic to clean when you want to wash your car at home. Also, thicker mats are durable as they experience low curling and cracking. Select a car mat of material that can dry quickly.


Some mats release foul smells and toxic gases; these are harmful to the human body. It can be seriously life-threatening if exposed to long periods. Therefore, preferring odourless material can be better than other materials.

Carpet mats

The carpet floor mats are for those people who do not wish to change their interiors regularly. These carpets also protect your car’s floor from harmful UV radiation.

How to care for your car floor mats?

It is essential to maintain and care for your custom car mats, to ensure a clean car environment. These are the steps to clean your car mats easily at home,

  • Remove all the floor mats from your car carefully. Then clean your vehicle to ensure there is no dust.
  • Dust your floor mats manually by shaking. Then, use a vacuum to remove sticky specks of dust.
  • Use a water hose to clean the floor mats using soap and water. Then dry them in the sun.

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