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Hiring a Receptionist: Key Qualities and Skills to Look For

Hiring a Receptionist: Key Qualities and Skills to Look For

by Alison Lurie

Finding the right receptionist for your company is a crucial task. A receptionist is often the first point of contact for clients and visitors, making their role vital in creating a positive impression. So, to ensure you make the best choice, this article delves into the key qualities and skills to look for when hiring a receptionist. Whether you’re handling the hiring process in-house or considering the assistance of a receptionist recruitment agency, these insights will help you find the perfect fit.

Excellent Communication Skills

Effective communication is the cornerstone of a great receptionist. They should be able to convey information clearly, listen attentively, and interact courteously with clients, colleagues, and visitors. A receptionist with strong communication skills sets a welcoming tone for your organisation.

Professional Appearance and Demeanour

A receptionist is the face of your company, and hence, their professional appearance and demeanour are vital for creating a positive first impression. So, look for candidates who exude professionalism through their attire and behaviour.


In a fast-paced office environment, adaptability is key. Receptionists often encounter unexpected situations and must handle them with grace and composure. As such, candidates who can adapt to changing circumstances and remain composed under pressure are valuable assets.

Organisational Skills

Receptionists juggle various responsibilities, from answering calls to managing appointments and handling administrative tasks. Strong organisational skills are essential to keep everything running smoothly. So, look for candidates who can prioritise tasks efficiently.

Tech Savviness

Modern offices rely heavily on technology, so ensure your receptionist is comfortable using office software, email, and phone systems. A tech-savvy receptionist can help streamline communication and administrative processes.

Customer Service Orientation

Exceptional customer service is a must, as a receptionist should make every visitor feel valued and attended to. They should possess empathy and a willingness to go the extra mile to assist clients and colleagues.

Problem-Solving Abilities

Receptionists often encounter inquiries and challenges that require quick thinking. So, look for candidates who can solve problems independently and seek assistance when needed.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a valuable trait in a receptionist. It enables them to understand and manage their own emotions while effectively interacting with others. Receptionists with high emotional intelligence can handle difficult situations with tact and diplomacy.

Multitasking Skills

Receptionists frequently manage multiple tasks simultaneously. The ability to multitask efficiently without compromising quality is a valuable skill in this role.


Dependability is non-negotiable, as your receptionist should be punctual, reliable, and committed to their responsibilities. A dependable receptionist ensures the smooth functioning of your front office.

Team Player Attitude

A receptionist is often the bridge between various departments. As such, a team player attitude fosters collaboration and ensures seamless communication within your organisation.

Customer Feedback Handling

Handling feedback, whether positive or negative, is part of the job. So, look for candidates who can receive and relay feedback constructively and professionally.


Hiring a receptionist is a decision that impacts your company’s image and operations. Whether you choose to manage the process internally or seek assistance from a receptionist recruitment agency, these key qualities and skills should guide your selection. A receptionist is more than a job title; they are your company’s ambassador. They create the first impression that can make or break relationships with clients and partners. So, as you set out to find the perfect receptionist, consider these qualities and skills as your compass to ensure that you welcome a professional who embodies the values and standards of your organisation.

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