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How can a Virtual Assistant Help You With Managing Your Magento Store?

How can a Virtual Assistant Help You With Managing Your Magento Store?

by Reddy Prasad (Admin)

Running a Magento store involves a lot of tasks, including inventory management, product listing, customer service, marketing and much more. But, you might not have enough time or workforce to handle all of these operational aspects in-house. Hence, this is when you might feel the necessity of having some experienced hands and minds to help you run your store.

Hiring virtual assistants for Magento product store management is one of the best decisions you can make to delegate some or most of your tasks to them. Virtual assistants are professionals who have the right set of experience to help get your operational processes handled. They mostly work remotely, which leads you to save a lot on your infrastructure, hardware or employment expenses.

If you are a new Magento store owner and are in a dilemma of whether or not investing in a virtual assistant is worth it, this article would help you get clarity on it. Read along this article till the end, and you shall find out how VAs are helpful for your Magento store management.

What are the Different Services that VAs Can Offer for Magento Store Management?

VAs are responsible for offering you a plethora of services associated with your Magento store management. All you have to do is pick the ones that your in-house team is finding complex to handle alongside other core works and delegate the same to the VAs. To help you get a better understanding of this, here are some of the different services that a VA can offer for your Magento store:

1. Customer Service

The most important aspect of managing any eCommerce store is customer service. When running a Magento store, you must be able to adhere to the customers’ responses, queries or requirements as part of overall management. But, in the quest of launching new products and expanding your store, it becomes difficult to look after customers’ satisfaction rate.

Therefore, in such cases, you can hire experienced assistants to help you with crucial customer support services, such as:

  • Attending the customer queries over chat, email or phone.
  • Handling customer reviews, whether positive or negative.
  • Dealing with customers’ complaints.
  • Help customers close the deals.
  • Product cross-selling or upselling.
  • Increasing brand engagement across social media platforms.

Even though you can integrate a chatbot for offering some of these support services to your customers, but majority of them will still demand to communicate with a live support agent. Thus, a VA will be of great help to your Magento store.

2. Product Uploads/Data Entry/Listing

When running a Magento store, you might feel the necessity of updating your product list over time. You might have to add a new product or remove outdated ones to bring in more sales for your store. In that case, you will need a professional to help you with Magento product data entry.

The virtual assistants have the right training and experience to update your product lists over the Magento store with high-quality images and product descriptions. They will also prefer adding SEO measures to your product listings to make them rank higher over the SERPs and get more attention from the target audience.

3. Handling Magento Extensions

Magento comes with a lot of extensions over its dedicated marketplaces, which are responsible for improving the overall store functionality. However, choosing the right kind of extension as per the needs of the store and managing them upon integration is a time-consuming yet important task.

Whether you want to add more payment options or speed up the overall store responsiveness, there are Magento extensions to help you achieve them all. But, implementing these integrations and managing them over time might need an extra pair of hands. Therefore, hiring a VA for your Magento store can be a great help.

4. Store Website Management

When managing your Magento store, it is essential for your site to be updated at all times. It is important because this would ensure a consistent experience for the users, making them feel more inclined towards shopping from you. Upon hiring a virtual assistant for your Magento store, some of the website management tasks they might help you with are:

  • Restoring all the dead product links over your store.
  • Check the correct format or size of the product images added to the site.
  • Post the latest discount or offer updates to the store without fail.
  • Create relevant and quality content for the store and upload it.

Irrespective of whether there’s a technical or administrative hassle with your store, there are virtual assistants experienced enough to help you with all sorts of issues. You just need to connect with one of the best virtual assistant agencies and look out for professionals who can handle your task feasibly.

5. Inventory Management

Inventory management is the lifeline to running a Magento store. Without proper monitoring and management of the store inventory, it will be difficult for you to smoothly operate your online business. The virtual assistants will help you with some of the common yet important inventory management tasks, such as:

  • Keep a tab on the product stocks to meet the demand of customers on priority.
  • Maintain the update of all inventory records.
  • Categorise the products and then update the current list.
  • Avoid over-stocking of products that are low in demand.
  • Track the orders.

Bottom Line

If you are a Magento store owner and were handling all of the mentioned tasks by yourself, you would be lacking time to focus on expanding your business growth. But there’s a solution to this overburdened management hassle! And that is hiring a virtual assistant for Magento product store management.

Most of the Magento stores that aren’t taking the help of remote assistants are experiencing financial and operational stress in managing their business platform. Upon hiring a virtual assistant, you will be able to improve your business efficiency and give your Magento store the recognition it deserves.

Connect with the best experts in business, and hire one or a group of virtual assistants to get affordable and quality support for your Magento store management.

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