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How to Choose a Good Application Hosting Company

How to Choose a Good Application Hosting Company

by Reddy Prasad (Admin)

With cloud computing, it is easier and more affordable to host mission-critical applications. Hosting an application makes it easier and faster to deploy the resources you need – without needing to acquire additional hardware, software, or personnel. When it comes to finding a provider to host your business applications, what are the most important things to consider?

Understanding the application’s business and technical requirements is essential before you start shopping. Consider the following factors: processing power, storage capacity, user access, software licensing, and bandwidth. Choosing a programming language for the hosted app is also an important decision.

Host an application on a shared or dedicated server?

Whether you need shared web hosting or dedicated web hosting should be one of your first considerations. The physical servers and resources that you use with shared hosting are those used by other applications. It has limitations in terms of storage and number of users, but it is also a cost-effective way for small and mid-sized businesses to launch their hosted application-which can be an advantage in some cases.

With dedicated hosting, you control the server, the storage, and all the other computing components of your website. A dedicated server is an ideal solution for organizations that are experiencing growth and demand extensible hosting services.
The security of dedicated hosting is a major advantage for organizations which are especially security conscious. Moreover, it is the best option for applications that use high-resolution images, streaming, and other bandwidth-intensive services.

The amount of technical support you need?

Most organizations spend the majority of their overhead budget on personnel. You can get technical experts along with the hosting service when you choose to use an application hosting provider.

When choosing a hosting service, make sure they offer the level of service you will need and that they offer reasonable support around the clock. Make sure the help desk is staffed when you call, and that the expertise meets your needs.

You should also ensure that technical support is located in the USA. Many providers outsource their technical support to cut costs, and dealing with support from overseas may complicate the resolution of problems.

Know the limitations of your performance

The resources of every application hosting service are limited. If you select a service, make sure it has enough bandwidth and performance to ensure uptime and availability.

To ensure that systems are running at their best, metrics should be in place along with availability. Have you been able to meet guaranteed bandwidth requirements?

In order to ensure you get the performance you pay for, service level agreements (SLAs) are an excellent tool. In the event of non-conformity with the SLA, there is a financial penalty.

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