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How to Defeat Killa and Tagilla in Escape from Tarkov

by Alison Lurie

This pair of brothers are roaming EFT’s maps

They transferred over to the Lighthouse following the last event when they appeared in the Interchange. From being separate bosses to appearing together, they’re now feared, respected, and sometimes avoided when they’re around. Still, many players brave their wrath because of all the Escape from Tarkov items they can get from them.

Strategies for Battling Killa and Tagilla

Either brother is dangerous on their own, but now that they’re together on one map, that danger is doubled. Here are a few tips and strategies to survive if you ever got them to separate.


He’s the weaker of the two damage output-wise but no less lethal. He’s most likely to use submachine guns or automatic ones to suppress enemies. He’ll zigzag from cover to cover while getting closer to his target when he spots a hostile. He will also use grenades (smoke or frag) along the way, and he’s pretty accurate with his throwing arm.

Like a persistent predator, he’ll follow his targets a long way out of his patrol routes. This means he can be seen in out-of-the-way areas or sometimes hangs out in weird locations. Also, it means he can be found in all areas of the map and not just in one place.

A general strategy is to sneak by and be the one to ambush him. If you engage him, it’ll be hard to run away, so make sure you can defeat him when you do. Armor penetrating rounds or shredding his armor slowly are helpful strategies to defeat him. Do not use grenades as he is highly mobile and will rarely sit still enough for a grenade to do damage.

If you have a friend with you, you can have them flank Killa. The boss can only suppress one of you, so the other is free to shoot him. Use cover, keep track of your bullets and magazines, and stay mobile. Don’t go running into a corner you can’t get out of!


Be very afraid of his hammer, which can kill or maim you. Fortunately, he’ll be focused on chasing you with his hammer instead of whipping out a gun to shoot you. He’ll do the latter if you’re somewhere he can’t get to. Still, he’s somewhat easier to manage than his brother.

He’s not going to hide behind cover or anything. He’ll single-mindedly chase you down as long as you’re reachable. Sometimes, he’ll charge at you and then take a swing, which you can dodge. Tagilla will be stunned for a few seconds afterward. That’s your window of opportunity to shoot him.

With high penetration bullets, you can aim for his head. Otherwise, aim for his stomach, as it is unarmored. If you can sneak up on him, his welding mask doesn’t cover the back of his neck, so it becomes an easy target. Flanking is another excellent strategy to deal with him.

While he is lethal in close combat, he can do nothing if he can’t catch you. Be nimble and dodge his hammer swings and charges, and you’ll have your opportunity to shoot him.

When They’re Together

Because Killa can cover Tagilla’s weakness in ranged combat, you must separate them before engaging in combat. After that, it’s just a matter of applying the strategies above to defeat them. This is the best course of action when you’re alone.

With a friend, each one of you can take on one boss. This way, the other brother can’t help because he’ll be busy with your ally.

Rewards From These Bothersome Brothers

Both of them may drop guns with a widely variable mod on them. Unfortunately, you can’t get Tagilla’s Dead Blow Hammer to put up in the Tarkov market. They also drop some versions of their welding masks, some chest rigs or armor, grenades, and an assortment of loot.

Notably, Tagilla might drop bitcoins, a rare resource many players want. Killa can drop morphine, vaseline, and a can of soda. Both of them might drop a Salewa First Aid Kit. Killa has ten pocket inventory slots, and Tagilla has 15.

Enjoy the Challenge!

Aside from this new location for the brothers, there will only be one extraction point for PMCs as long as the event continues. Side note: Killa won’t be hostile to a high-karma Scav. Also, both of them won’t be found in their usual locations, the Factory (Tagilla) and Interchange (Killa).

Those who can’t muster the courage to stand up to these bosses can take advantage of their absence on the other maps. Sure, there are the other Scavs and player PMCs to deal with, but at least there wouldn’t be a roaming boss to be wary of. You’ll have a higher chance of extracting and keeping all the Tarkov items you’ve collected.

Hope these tips and strategies help in finally killing these two bosses! They’re needed in certain quests, so you’ll really need to know these things. The most important thing is to keep enjoying and playing Escape From Tarkov!

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