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games win over Kanta Tsuneyama

HS Prannoy storms into Malaysia Masters semis with straight games win over Kanta Tsuneyama

by Alison Lurie

Kanta Tsuneyama was defeated by Prannoy by scores of 25–23 and 22–20 in a one–hour encounter. He became the only Indian in the competition to advance to the semifinals. 

The match was a close one as the two players moved from 3-3 to 10-10 after some brief but aggressive rallies in the first game. Prannoy, who had a 2-1 head-to-head advantage, capitalised on opportunities early on to overcome a slim 1-2 deficit.

While Prannoy skillfully planned his rallies and kept the shuttle close to the line, Tsuneyama troubled his opponent with some stiff angled returns and jump smashes. Prannoy eventually had a slim lead of one point at halftime thanks to a flawless baseline decision.

After his opponent had scored four points to catch up with him, Prannoy was rewarded for his razor-sharp accuracy as he eked out a 17-14 advantage.

After Prannoy made two attempts at the goal, Tsuneyama pulled off another comeback by seizing the chance to score the game-winning point.

rapid movement Prannoy released an over-the-head return after saving one with a backhand flick to gain a game-point edge.

The shuttle then touched the line as Prannoy converted his fourth opportunity for a game point with the slightest of margins.

When Prannoy took a medical break to tend to a problem with his foot, the score after the switch of sides was 4-4. He was 9-6 ahead when play resumed.

Tsuneyama, though, began to control the rallies with his diagonal returns, and he entered halftime with a two-point lead.

Prannoy scored four in a row to make it 13-11. He tied the score at 14 with a spectacular leap smash before scoring 34 points in a row to win the rally. Prior to a misjudged Prannoy firing another one, Tsuneyama managed to establish an 18-16 advantage once more.

Soon after, Tsuneyama had two chances to score a game-winning goal, but Prannoy snatched both of them away to earn a match point.

The 29-year-old shuttler easily controlled both rounds of play to qualify for the semi-finals.

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