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What Does a Motivational Speaker Really Do?

What Does a Motivational Speaker Really Do?

by Alison Lurie

Choosing a career path is one of the turning points in everyone’s life. There are many career options in the modern age, and many new career paths have been created in the past decades. Of course, some people go for more traditional jobs, but there are more career options available now than ever, leading many people to go for an offbeat career option. Such an offbeat career option is the job of a motivational speaker.

Motivational speakers are someone who inspires or motivates people through enticing speeches and dialogues. Most speakers have a reputation for being an expert on a particular subject in discussion, enabling the audience to look at things from an expert’s perspective.

Role of a Motivational Speaker:

So, the role of an inspirational speaker is primarily to bring a change on an emotional or mental level, motivating them to strive for betterness and make some desired changes in their professional or personal lives.

The speaker helps the audience to focus more on the opportunities as people naturally concentrate on all the negatives and problems all at once. They achieve this by using a variety of persuasive speech techniques to inspire and motivate. An excellent motivator is often a person who is a great storyteller.

Motivators that are considered the cream of the crop tour the world, leaving a trail of motivated people behind. These popular speakers often write inspirational books, deliver podcasts and even sell DVDs to motivate people.

Qualifications Needed to Be a Speaker:

The people in this line of work mostly derive their expertise from personal experiences. Therefore, they make the audience relate to their personal experiences rather than professionals, which broadens the audience as people from any profession relate to them.

The art of motivating people heavily relies on introspection and the evolution of oneself. A speaker evaluates their life’s turning points and lessons to determine if those lessons could inspire others. As an inspirational speaker, you must draw a lot from your own life, making this job very personal and requiring you to be more open with people.

Various Specialisations of a Motivational Speaker:

Like any other career option, this option too comes with specialisations, and motivators often specialise in a particular area of expertise.

1.Personal Development:

Some speakers specialising in personal development guide and motivate people to find the purpose of their lives. They often talk about overcoming adversities and take actions that help the audiences see the world from a new perspective.

2.Business Speakers:

Influencers that encourage and guide business teams at multiple levels, from sales to executive directors, are Business speakers. They usually have expertise and experience in the business and cultivate enthusiasm, develop a shared purpose and inspire the teams to put their best forward. Corporates tend to opt for business motivational speakers to inspire their employees.

3.Youth Mentoring:

Other than the business side, some speakers specialise in youth mentoring. These speakers have a goal to give young adults or students a nudge in the right direction. They inspire people in the formative years to lead ambitious lives, including talking about careers, education, social skills, and more. Youth mentors often address young adults in school and colleges.

A motivational speaker has a distinct personality and a flair for public speaking topped with articulate and artistic expression. Choosing this career path requires experience more than a degree to succeed. This career path is individualistic and often satisfies people as they tend to do good for others. Motivational speaking is the career to choose if you have a story and the skill to tell it.

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