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Social media and forums are excellent sources of information on manufacturers and suppliers

Social media and forums are excellent sources of information on manufacturers and suppliers

by Reddy Prasad (Admin)

Social media and forums are excellent sources of information on manufacturers and suppliers. Though not as straightforward as online supplier directories, social media can provide hidden gems in the form of product sourcing advice. For example, The Manufacturer Community has an active forum for manufacturers. Aside from that, you can also search on popular forums about the manufacturing industry. These can help discover manufacturers who can meet your specific needs. You can also find out how to find a manufacturer via online forums, which are generally more active and relevant than supplier directories.

Quality of products

When selecting a supplier, one of the essential factors is the quality of products. While comprehensive ISO quality systems are merited, they cannot guarantee world-class quality. Instead, it would be best to look for them in qualitative factors, such as customer service and technical and design level. One way to assess quality is the rate of rejects. In this case, the supplier with the lowest reject rate is selected. However, it cannot be used when the rejection rates of suppliers A and B are similar. In the following example, two product samples from suppliers A and B were selected and tested. Eight of the ten quality attributes were within specification limits in both cases.

Minimum order quantity

One of the critical factors in choosing a good manufacturer is the minimum order quantity. The minimum order quantity is usually determined by the number of goods to be ordered. If you are a small business, the MOQ may be too high for you to manage. In such cases, you can negotiate with the manufacturer or find a trading company or a wholesale distributor who can help you meet the requirement. However, it is better to know how much you need before you place your order.

The reason why MOQs are important is that it keeps inventory costs down. However, low MOQs can lead to a longer lead time and higher administrative costs. While a low MOQ may allow you to save on warehouse space and administrative expenses, it can also increase your risk of running out of stock. If you do not have a lot of inventory on hand, you can choose a low-MOQ supplier.

Customer service

As a consumer, you’re probably aware that customer service is an integral part of the customer experience. After all, a great manufacturer should take the time to provide a high-quality product that will give you and your customers the most value for your money. However, how do you find a good manufacturer that offers excellent customer service? To make the process easier, here are some tips:

First, customer service can act as an early warning system for a product’s quality. It can detect design and quality control problems early, sparing a company from unnecessary hassles. Two well-known companies with exceptional customer service are L.L. Bean and Caterpillar, which sells outdoor apparel, diesel engines, and materials-handling equipment through mail-order. Their products are renowned for their quality, and they can ensure your complete satisfaction.


Building credibility takes time, process, and materials. But once you have a good track record, the process becomes fun! Here are some tips for building your credibility. Use these tips to make your credibility today! Here are three things to consider when evaluating a manufacturing company. Credibility: How well do they meet the requirements of their clients? Can you trust them? What can they tell you about their products and services? Do you want to do business with them?

Expertise: If a company offers expertise in a particular field, that expertise is likely to be credible. People are more likely to trust a business with a qualified expert than a business with uniformed employees. This factor is crucial to building credibility. Expertise also contributes to a business’s credibility. If a company has an expert in its field, that expertise is likely to come through in the products and services.

Resources to find a manufacturer.

Finding a good manufacturer isn’t always easy, especially since many factories don’t have a good website. Many of them have out-of-date websites and don’t follow Google’s algorithms. If you want to find a reputable manufacturer, use different search terms such as “manufacturer,” “supplier,” or “product.” Be sure to consider the credibility of a manufacturer. Working with a low-quality manufacturer can hurt your business and your reputation.

In addition to online supplier directories, you can also visit active forums and social media websites. These resources are not as convenient as online supplier directories, but they can provide valuable information. Social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, are excellent places to find manufacturers. Using social media to search for manufacturers may turn up some unexpected gems. Try a manufacturer directory if you’re not comfortable using social media platforms to find manufacturers.

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