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The Skyrim Script Extender 64 tool, often known as SKSE64 for brief, is a modification tool for the Skyrim Special Edition game that is being used to make sophisticated modifications. It’s highly popular, and it’s what’s utilised to make some of the game’s most famous modifications. Despite the fact that this is a high-performing tool, it is not without flaws. In this edition of our troubleshooting series, we’ll look at how to fix the SKSE64 not functioning problem.

Even if you use a recent version of Skyrim SKSE64, you will run into this issue. As a result of this issue, players are unable to begin the game after installing the SKSE 64 executable modifications.

The following are the causes of the SKSE64 Not Working Error:

So, these are the key causes for this error to appear:

  1. The presence of Windows Firewalls is one of the leading causes of this problem. Some game components are unable to connect to the server as a result of this.
  2. The game has been unable to launch correctly as a result of this.
  3. This problem might also be caused by the antivirus programme you have installed on your computer, or by Windows Defender.
  4. This programme can either stop the game from running or stop the ske64 from running. This is due to the fact that it might mistakenly identify the game as a danger.
  5. When you updated Skyrim, the old SKSE will no longer function. You must also upgrade it in order for it to function correctly, or you may roll back the game to an earlier version.
  6. However, this issue can also occur if the Mods you’ve installed are the source of the issue.
  7. When you updated the game, the Mods usually don’t work. As a result, you must to update the Mods in order to use them effectively.
  8. So, these are the most common causes of this problem. Let us now look at the remedies to this issue.

How to Resolve the SKSE64 Error:

Now that you have a fundamental knowledge of the problem’s nature, we’ll move on to the methods. It is recommended, however, that you endeavour to combine these solutions across the given sequence to guarantee that none of them clash.

Method 1: Granting Firewall Access

In rare cases, the Windows Firewall blocks various game elements from communicating with both servers, preventing the game from starting properly. As a result, rather of playing the Window Firewall game at this phase, we’ll add the exception.

  • Select the “Settings” icon from the Start Menu by pressing the Start Menu button.
  • Within the settings, select the ‘Updates & Protection’ choice.
  • Click the Windows Security option from the left – hand menu.
  • Select ‘Firewall & Network Security’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the “Enable an app via the firewall” option.
  • Choose “Change Settings” to seek the necessary permissions.
  • Enable “Skyrim” and all Skyrim-related restrictions via numerous “Public” and “Private” networks.
  • Make sure to include “Steam” to the list as well.
  • Press “OK” to start the game and observe whether the problem remains.

Method 2: Create a software rollback version:

When the game receives an update, SKSE64 will also require an upgrade. As a result, SKSE64 will only be able to operate correctly with the upgraded version of the game. If an update to SKSE64 is still not available, you can revert to the prior version of the game.

  • To begin, open your web browser and navigate to a Steam Database site.
  • Afterwards when, go to the search field and enter in “Skyrim” and press Enter.
  • After that, you must note down the amount “APPID” that corresponds to an entrance “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.”
  • You may now pick this number by opening a new icon. On this screen, users must select the “Depot” option.
  • You would have to start jotting down the number on this new section, just next to the “ID” part and the “Skyrim Special Edition exe” option.
  • Then, by pressing this number, you’ll be sent to a new page where you may log in.
  • You must now choose a “Manifests” option from this webpage.

The next step is to jot down the number that is older than the most recent update. Unless the update was published six days ago, you must write down the six-day-old number.

Method 3: Deactivate Defective Mods:

The modifications may occasionally cause an issue, which will result in this error. This happens whenever the game is updated, but not when the modifications are updated. When a latest version of a mod is published, the mod’s creators also publish the updates. However, it is possible that the update will take longer than expected to be issued. In such case, you can turn off the modifications that are causing the problem.

You should always try to find an update first. Deactivate the addons if it isn’t available. Users can disable the modifications by following the instructions below:

  • Allow access to the menu by starting the game Enter Scrolls. All you had to do was choose the Mods option from the menu.
  • After that, find the modules that are causing problems and disable them.
  • Check to check whether the SKSE64 problem has been repaired by restarting the game.

Method 4: Restart your computer:

Restarting the computer not only refreshes the Operating System (OS), but it also clears out any data that has become damaged. This procedure has been shown to be helpful in the resolution of software-related issues.


As a result, the failure of the Skse64 launcher or loader is quite aggravating, as it discourages you from playing games until the issue is resolved. Follow the above-mentioned techniques to cure the problem as fast as possible, then continue on with your Skyrim journey. You’d have no trouble enforcing these adjustments because they’re quick and easy.

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