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by Reddy Prasad (Admin)

You’ve seen the business shows: “Suits,” “Dirty Money,” “House of Lies,” and “Better Call Saul.” Now you’re wondering: What’s Business TV all about? This article aims to shed some light on the subject. You’ll find out what Business TV is about, how it works, and why you should watch it. It’s not as difficult as it sounds!


Fans of the USA network show Suits should consider watching the sequel, Suits: Absolute Power. The story takes place after the CEO of Suits City falls from a sky scrapper and is banished to a junk island. After he recovers, he accepts a job from a mysterious J who targets influential business figures. Suits have a likable tone and a strong cast, including Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter and Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross.

Suits follow Harvey Spector, the top legal close at Pearson Hardman, looking for the next top prospect to join his firm. He is also looking for Mike Ross, a brilliant law student who got involved with the wrong crowd at law school and now cheats on tests. This show has been on the air for seven seasons, and its premise makes for good TV. So if you want to be a better lawyer, try to watch Suits!

Dirty Money

The concept for “Dirty Money” on business television is slightly off. While its topics are a bit more severe than many other programs, the show is consistently entertaining. There’s a sense of urgency and tension, and it’s hard to look away. It’s a delightful way to watch business. You’ll likely appreciate the show’s espionage and sex crimes even if you’re not into the subject matter.

“Dirty Money” on business television puts a human face on the stories of corporate scandals, bringing the stories to life for viewers. The show centers on people who have been affected by corrupt businesses, from Volkswagen to Donald Trump. The series is a good reminder of the many victims of bad actors and the lack of adequate systems to prevent them from taking advantage of us. If you’re a fan of this type of television, you’ll want to catch this series when it comes out on Netflix.

House of Lies

One of the most intriguing shows on business television is House of Lies. Based on the book by former Booz Allen Hamilton consultant Martin Kihn, the show depicts the inner workings of a corporate environment, from the recruitment process to the executive boardroom. The plot is original and entertaining, but it may also cut close to the bone for some business professionals. If nothing else, this show may inspire them to try their own hands at collaboration or turn their trust on its head.

Although critics are generally scathing of the show’s heavy exposition and on-the-nose dialogue, there are a few positives to House of Lies. The acting is outstanding, from Cheadle and Bell to Ben Schwartz’s sleazebag role. House of Lies is timely, too. It was also created by the same man who wrote FX’s Dirt, Fastlane, Thieves, and the Tim Daly version of The Fugitive.

Better Call Saul

The writers of Better Call Saul realized they had to take a different approach for the new show than for the first season of Breaking Bad. Although the writers had a clear idea of what characters they wanted to introduce and where to take the story, they didn’t have a set timetable. They approached the writing process as if they were writing two separate shows. The characters in Better Call Saul are centered around Jimmy/Saul and Kim. Kim gets drawn into the criminal world as well.

In terms of story, Better Call Saul is a classic example of storytelling. In the streaming age, most TV doesn’t know how to pace itself, so serialized shows can drag their heels. While the pace of other shows has been slower, Better Call Saul knows exactly where it is going and is taking the scenic route to get there. Better Call Saul is not slow-paced in any way, but the writers are consistently able to bring the tension, intrigue, and heartbreak to the series.


Lucious Lyon is a hip-hop artist and the CEO of Empire Entertainment. But when he gets a medical diagnosis that says he will not be able to work for three years, he is faced with a difficult decision: which of his three sons should step up and take over his empire? His favorite son, Cookie, is a gifted musician, but he also happens to be gay. His middle son, Cookie, is also gay, claiming that he owed him money for taking the fall when he was caught doing drugs.

The show follows the life of the Lyon family and how their company, Empire Entertainment, came to be. Lucious Lyon, a former drug dealer, turned his company into a multi-million-dollar entertainment empire. His three sons – Hakeem (Bryce Gray) and Jamal (Jussie Smollett) – are a mixed bag of talent. The company’s culture is so diverse that it has many facets.

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