Home Health How does vaping help, and how to select the appropriate vaping device?
How does vaping help, and how to select the appropriate vaping device?

How does vaping help, and how to select the appropriate vaping device?

by Alison Lurie

As per studies by the Australian health department, approximately 12 per cent of Australian adults do tobacco smoking. Even though the rate has declined considerably in the last few decades, the rate is not coming down to a hopeful rate. Addiction to tobacco smoking causes a high risk of severe health issues like cancer and stroke. One of the best options for Australians to avoid the health issues due to smoking is to use vaping devices from brands like Vaporesso.

The benefits of vaping over smoking

Even though vaping and smoking sound similar, both are different to a large extent:

  • Less harmful:

    Tobacco cigarettes fumes contain thousands of chemicals due to the burning of different items. Most of these chemicals are toxic to health, and many are identified as cancerogenic. But the vaping device uses chemically stable substances which are not harmful to health. It helps in avoiding the dangerous effect of smoking without any reduction in pleasure.

  • Safer to others:

    Smoking not only affects the person who smokes but the people surrounding them also. The fumes from smoking inhaled by others like children is a dangerous situation. Smoke exhaled by the smokers disturbs others, and it causes an asthma-like reaction in kids.

  • Clean and no indications:

    Smoking destroys a person’s health and status in society. After smoking tobacco products, the scent of tobacco remains for a long time. It will create a poor impression on the person. Also, the tar from the smoke accumulates in the lungs and reduces the lungs oxygen-carrying capacity. But vaping is cleaner than smoking. It does not create any faulty smell or tar-like substances. So vaping will help to get the same pleasure without damaging social status.

  • Reusable parts:

    The traditional tobacco products come in plastic-covered packets, which creates a lot of waste. The number of packs increases this waste production. But most vaping devices are designed to use multiple times. The one vaping device will last longer than packets of cigarettes. After completely using the contents, the person can buy an easy use refill. This reusability avoids the complete wastage of the whole item.

How to choose a vape device

In Australia, there are several brands of vaping devices like Vaporesso to choose from. But before deciding on the vape device, it is necessary to understand some basic details. There are several types of vaping devices. The variation can be in the design, working, or in the method of use.

Types of vaping devices

Vaping devices come in a wide variety of types. So it is necessary to choose accordingly.

  • Cig-A-like:

    These are also known as electronic cigarettes, and they are the closest to the cigarette-like designed vaping device. They look similar to cigarettes in size and design but use the E-juice to give the vaping experience. People trying to quit smoking can start using these vaping devices.

  • Pen type:

    The pen type vaping device got its name due to the similarity to writing pen in design. These are refillable vaping devices. But the battery life is less than the box mod vaping devices, and the control switch is the main difference between electronic cigarettes and pen type vaping devices.

  • Box mod:

    Box mod vaping devices are one of the modern devices in the market. These are more powerful than e-cigarettes and pen type vaping devices. Box mode has more advanced rechargeable batteries and microprocessor controls. The device can work in different voltage settings, and the display shows various pieces of information like battery percentage, number of puffs, etc.

  • Pod mod:

    Pod mod is the newest among vaping devices. These are similar to box mod but easier and powerful than them. These are low voltage devices with more capacity to use nicotine e-juices.

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