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What Are the Advantages of Prescribed Contact Lenses

What Are the Advantages of Prescribed Contact Lenses?

by Reddy Prasad (Admin)

Contact lenses are a micro silicon substance that fits on the eye pupil to give good vision and correct your focus. Plus, they look more charming than eyeglasses. Contact lenses are very easy to use and come in both long-use and disposable forms, so you can decide which one is suitable for you. You need to clean them at night, and then you can use them for a long time.

Contact lenses have exceptional hydrogel silicon properties, which are super smooth and soft. Plus, they never get out of shape, which gives a good hold on your eye’s pupil and makes fewer chances of any discomfort or redness in the eyes.

They help your eyes with many eye disorders and problems like presbyopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Plus, they will not hurt your peripheral vision, which the eyeglasses can damage.

The Benefit of Online Contact Lenses

This will save your precious time and money, which could be wasted on the local store by giving extra charges and other taxes like going to different shops. This helps you to decide as per your filtration and sort. Plus, there are excellent contact lenses, which are high quality and make your eyes feel more comfortable.

There are rating, comment, and feedback options, meaning, no chance of getting the wrong contact lenses. You can choose the exact pair that is high in rating and matches your needs. There are exchange options, so you can even return the lenses if they are improper.

You can order them with a simple click, where you have to choose the size, quality, and price, and then after one click, the pair of contact lenses will be ordered and delivered to your home in just 2-3 days.

Types of Contact Lenses

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses

These rigid contact lenses, also called gas permeable (GP) , are made up of hard plastic, providing sharper and more stable vision than soft lenses. Plus, they provide more oxygen permeability than others.

Hybrid Contact Lenses

They are a combination of both rigid and soft contact lenses, where you get both properties in lenses. They provide sharp vision with soft and smooth comfort, and they have a thin covering with a tight center.

Soft Lenses 

These lenses are also considered silicone hydrogel lenses. They are made up of water-absorbing, thin, and moist material. These lenses give smoothness like a gel when you wear them. Plus, they are the most famous lenses and are high in demand among customers.

Contact Lenses Colored 

These contact lenses are specially designed to give the color tint to your eye’s iris and enhance it. These come in all ranges and color shades, so there are uncountable styles you can put on.

Colored contact lenses have different styles, like prescribed and zero power so people can go for colored contact lenses in both cases. Plus, they come at a cost-effective price, so you can buy prescription colored contacts and zero power at a fantastic price.

There are a few other materials of colored contact lenses like opaque, visibility, and enhancement tinted, which work differently and make your eye’s iris charming.

Eye Shades

To make the best use of your colored contact lenses, you need to analyze what is your eye color tone and then choose accordingly. This will help you get the best color tint.

Lighter Eye Shades

If you have a light eye tone, then use transparent lenses, as they enhance all iris edges and make them more attractive. You can use a transparent enhancement tint, which makes the original color stand out.

Darker Eye Shades 

If you have a darker eye tone, you can use opaque, and visibility tint lenses that help give blissful color shades to your eyes and make them more appealing.

Top-notch Brands for Contact Lenses 

There are excellent brands that provide exquisite contact lenses with superb quality. Those brands are bausch & lombs, alcons, johnson & johnsons, and aqualens. They provide the best contact lenses with both prescription and zero power.

Major Advantages

They will give high-quality contact lenses, and you can use them for an extended period. Plus, they provide contact lens, which is easy to use and dispose of, so there is less possibility of any infections. They help to maintain many eye disorders and problems. They will never soak fog in cold and rainy seasons.

Some Essential Nutrients for the Eyes 

Adding good and healthy nutrients to your diet is essential, which helps your retina’s health from inside the body. There is a food rich in Vitamins, Zinc, and Omega 3 like luna, fish, and salmon you will get Omega 3. For Vitamin C and E, you need foods like papaya, tomatoes, orange, strawberries, wheat gram, sweet potatoes, nuts, corn, vegetable, and sunflower oil. For zinc, the beneficial foods are nuts, seeds, shellfish, oysters, and red meat.

Important Precaution

While wearing the contact lens, there are some significant precautions to keep in mind, as mentioned below:-

  • Don’t wash your contact lenses with tap water, as it contains many chemicals that damage the contacts and make them waste substances.
  • Don’t use contact lenses while taking a shower and swimming, as they can get out of sight or may hurt your eye’s pupil, leading to redness and infection.
  •  Don’t take sleep while wearing contacts. And this can hurt your eyes and can lead to corneal injury and other problems. Plus, when you close your eyes, they get less oxygen, which can lead to infection with contacts. The doctor always recommends removing contact lenses before going to sleep.


Besides, according to our research, we found a brand called Lenskart. They offer an impeccable range of the best prescription contact lenses, which come at a very pocket-friendly price. Lenskart has colored contact lenses, which boost the iris edges and make them look charming.

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