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What Goes Into Building a Luxury Apartment

by Alison Lurie

 When we talk about luxury architecture, we usually associate it with grand and lavish houses. However, in today’s world, where luxury is no longer regarded as an unattainable goal, there is no set definition of what a luxury home should look like. Instead, it can be something simple and elegant like an apartment.

Designing Luxury Apartments to Call Home

A luxury apartment is a dwelling that aims to provide its occupants with the best possible experience. It should go beyond the expectations of its occupants by providing them with the finest possible features and services. This type of apartment complex usually comes with high-end appliances and building materials that are designed to provide both comfort and security.

Aside from being filled with the finest furniture and facilities, luxury apartments are also located in areas with high land costs. This type of apartment complex also features a wider range of services and features.

What Goes Into Building Luxury Apartments Vs. Regular Apartments

Despite the lack of luxury features, many people still consider an apartment as luxury even though it doesn’t have the necessary features. Understanding the difference between a luxury community and a regular one is very important to ensure that you find the right one for you.

1. Expense

A luxury apartment complex can cost significantly more than a regular apartment, depending on the features and services that it has to offer. As for rental rates, luxury homes are typically 40% more expensive than regular ones. In metropolitan areas, the demand for regular apartment units is high due to the middle class and migrant workers residing in rural areas.

2. Value of Investment

An upscale neighborhood is a good place to put a luxury apartment complex. Compared to regular apartments, this type of dwelling provides investors with a higher return on their money. Even though the demand for luxury homes is higher, the profit percentage of luxury apartments is higher due to their high pricing.

3. Neighborhoods

Luxury apartments like Eleanor apartments are found in beautiful neighborhoods. The location of a luxury apartment complex can also benefit both the developer and its occupants. Since a high-status apartment in an upscale area is a symbol of luxury, the price of the units will be higher right from the beginning. Meanwhile, regular housing units are being developed in areas that lack the conveniences of upscale communities.

4. Large Area Designs

The design and architecture of a luxury apartment complex are considered luxurious if it has grand spaces. However, the size of the unit’s living area is also very important to consider when comparing it to a regular apartment. A luxury apartment complex should have at least 1800 square feet of living space, while a regular apartment should have at least 700 square feet.

5. Amenities

A luxury apartment complex can boast of various amenities such as a rooftop infinity pool and private movie theaters. These types of features are usually king-size compared to the basic amenities found in a regular apartment.

6. Security

While there are many features and services included in a luxury apartment complex, there is not as much security management as in a regular apartment. With rents being low, there is not much money left for security. In a luxury apartment complex, you can feel much safer and more secure.

Types of Luxury Apartments

1. Penthouse

A penthouse is a type of luxury apartment that’s usually the highest floor of a complex. This type of dwelling gives its occupants the most amazing and uninterrupted views of the city. Despite the evolution of this type of dwelling, it is still considered the best apartment in the building.

2. Loft

Originally, lofts were used as industrial buildings that were turned into modern homes. Today, this type of dwelling is being utilized in luxury house designs. Due to their size, lofts are expensive and are ideal for people who are looking for a high-end lifestyle.

3. Condo

A large property that’s divided into small units is known as a condominium or a condo. This type of dwelling is owned and managed by its owner, who doesn’t have a say in the operations of the complex. It’s beneficial because it offers the same locational advantages as a luxury apartment complex.

4. High-Rise

A high-rise building is defined as one that’s at least 500 feet tall. Originally, skyscrapers were used to refer to buildings that were 20 stories tall. However, due to the increasing number of tall buildings, the term skyscrapers has been replaced by high-rises.

Due to the increasing number of people who are looking for luxury homes, the demand for high-rise apartment complexes has been growing. Developers are now able to construct these types of buildings with multiple floors to cater to the needs of their tenants.

It’s hard to determine which type of real estate market is more dynamic due to the increasing number of people who are looking for luxury homes and apartment complexes. However, it’s important to consider the factors that will affect both the financial and emotional aspects of your decision.

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