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What Is the Average Instagram Engagement Rate for Influencers?

What Is the Average Instagram Engagement Rate for Influencers?

by Reddy Prasad (Admin)

In 2021, Instagram passed the two billion active users monthly worldwide. A quarter of the world’s population also has an Instagram account. Social media is now an industry need, and influencers are crucial for brand creation.

But that doesn’t mean influencers with massive followings are the best option. Unlike before, consumers want authenticity over fame. Engagement is now the decisive factor in social media like Instagram.

Do you know the average Instagram engagement rate for influencers? Continue with this article to learn more about them and why it matters in today’s industry.

Influencer Tiers in Instagram and their Average Engagement Rates

Instagram engagement rates can also vary depending on the influencer tiers. Unlike other platforms, Instagram influencers don’t get any compensation for running ads.

Keep in mind that Instagram is under Facebook. It seeds on the ads on Facebook user posts. Because of that, brands and influencers don’t follow any set rates when collaborating.

The only consistent factor in these deals is engagement. All influencers have a higher pay if they have a high engagement rate and a genuine follower count.

There are five current tiers of Instagram influencers. Each one has a different average Instagram engagement rate.


Nano-influencers are the current in-demand tier for most social media marketing. These influencers have an average follower count of 10,000. While they have fewer followers, most of these influencers have appealing authenticity.

From 2021, relatability and originality are the top trends for brand personality. Instead of popular businesses, many consumers ask for recommendations from friends and family.

The small followings of nano-influencers allow them a high engagement rate. On Instagram, these people have an average engagement rate of four percent.

They have the highest Instagram engagement rate for influencers. Most of them resonate better with the public.


Micro-influencers have a follower count that can reach up to 50,000. Customers see this type of influencer as friends. It’s because of how trustworthy and relatable they are to their followers.

Unlike nano-influencers, their engagement rates often depend on the platform they use. The average Instagram engagement rate for micro-influencers is 3.86 percent.

The average engagement rate of these influencers depends on the social media platform they use.

Mid-Tier Influencers

These influencers are more established and can have a 500,000 follower count. Mid-tier influencers can still have high engagement rates.

On many platforms, including Instagram, their average rates are 2.58 percent. Unlike nano and micro-influencers, most of their following is not relationship-based.


A macro-influencer has an average following of a million followers. Most of them count on their social media presence for their work or business. They can also be athletes, models, and actors.

Macro-influencers have higher sponsored-post fees. They also have an average Insta engagement rate of 2.6 percent.


Large-budget brands often work with mega-influencers. Unlike the other influencers, they have the highest following and can create trends.

Despite that, these influencers have the lowest average Instagram engagement rates. Mega-influencers only have a 1.5 percent engagement rate.

The Significance of Instagram Engagement Rate

Instagram engagement rates show the active engagement of followers in an influencer’s posts. It’s also an essential method to gauge the interest of the public. It also measures the conversion power of an influencer.

Frequent posts and stories mean nothing without a high engagement rate. Higher calculated engagement rates state customer trust and loyalty. These factors are crucial for brand awareness.

Calculating for the Average Instagram Engagement Rate

We know the average Instagram engagement rate, but how does the industry calculate it?

Any Instagram engagement rate calculator follows a simple formula to calculate the rates. Add the number of likes and comments of the IG post or story. After that, divide the sum by the influencer’s current follower count and multiply it by 100.

Others also calculate the engagement rate for Instagram influencers every month. Add the likes and comments on each image. When done, divide it by the number of posts.

Doing this will give us the calculated Instagram engagement rate for every post. We’ll then divide that by the number of followers before multiplying it by 100.

Industry standards show that any engagement rate surpassing six percent is high. A three to six rate is already high, and one to three percent are the average rates.

How to Improve Your Instagram Engagement Rate

Instagram is not only a platform for posting images and graphics. It’s also one of the most powerful tools for brand building and audience cultivation. With more than a billion users worldwide, Instagram also has the potential for a huge ROI.

But for us to enjoy this, we need to have a high Instagram engagement value. We need to ensure that we have comments, shares, and likes proving that people can relate to our content.

The best way to do that is by ensuring we stay visible. Visibility is crucial to get engagement, especially on Instagram. Here are some ways how to boost Insta visibility:

  • Audience engagement using Instagram stories and stickers
  • Making and sharing relatable memes
  • Creating ready-to-save graphics
  • Sharing helpful content in carousel posts
  • Putting a call to action in the captions
  • Showing personality on IG stories
  • Collaborations and giveaways
  • Relevant hashtags

Standing out on Instagram include creating and sharing images that people find appealing. It doesn’t need to be masterful art. We can play with human interest and emotions to make our posts stick out.

We also need to use every trick and tool to give our image posts the extra push. For instance, we can add texts and filters to edited photos. Doing these may be simple, but the impact can take our posts to another level.

Perfect edits rarely make our content authentic. Instead of aiming for perfection, our posts should be able to humanize our brand and business. That way, it resonates with more people.

Average Instagram Engagement Rate for Influencers: What You Need to Know

Nowadays, brand success isn’t about millions of followers but high engagement. Higher engagement rates mean that more people can relate to our brand.

The average Instagram engagement rate allows easier collaboration with the best influencers. It also shows us if our current business strategies are effective or not.

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