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What You Must Know When Drinking Rye Whisky

What You Must Know When Drinking Rye Whisky

by Alison Lurie

What You Must Know When Drinking Rye Whisky

Finding the right alcoholic drink to pair with your sumptuous meal can enhance the tasting experience even more. Many would opt for a specific alcoholic drink because it matches with meat, typically eaten during dinner. Many would choose whiskey because of its distinct taste that brings out the flavour of your food. Have a bottle of Rye Whisky available when enjoying a meal.

But what makes this kind of whisky special? What about those who have only ever tried Bourbon? What can you get out of drinking this kind of whisky compared to other alcoholic drinks?

You can find out more about this kind of whisky on this page and why it is so favoured by many to pair with meals.

Is it different from Bourbon?

If you were to answer it, the main difference is the distinct taste. But it is much more than how both drinks taste like. Whisky has a more distinctive taste because of what composes it. The rye is the main ingredient of this type of whisky, giving a dry taste that many are not familiar with.

It is less rich compared to the sweetness and nuttiness of Bourbon. It has a spicy element that surprises people, making them want to keep drinking more of it. If you are not a particular fan of the fruity taste that Bourbon has, you can opt for whisky, which has specific spices incorporated in it. You may be reminded of pepper when you taste it.

What goes well with this type of whisky?

Because of its savoury taste, many would usually pair this kind of whisky with dark chocolate. The bitter taste of dark chocolate complements the distinct peppery taste of the whisky. However, you can have a better-tasting experience if you pair it, depending on how strong the whisky is. The spicy taste of the whisky goes extremely well with sweeter chocolates such as milk chocolate.

Chocolate is not the only go-to food for whisky drinkers. For example, if you have smoked salmon for dinner, whisky is the perfect choice of drink. There is a bitter taste to smoked food, and if you have smoked salmon, it enhances the flavour. Moreover, the whisky can also cut through the fat of the salmon if you want to savour it without needing to have a drink of water.

Is it truly a healthier option?

Many consider alcohol something that must be consumed moderately because of supposed negative effects on your health. Of course, that will depend on your health conditions and how responsible you are as a drinker. But it should not mean you cannot enjoy alcohol and get health benefits at the same time. It is no wonder whisky is a popular option.

The main ingredient of this kind of whisky is rye, and it is a type of grain with a lot of fibre and other important nutrients. Studies have showcased positive effects on people with certain diseases such as colon cancer, diabetes, and even cardiovascular diseases. As long as it is taken moderately, you can enjoy the taste and benefit from it simultaneously.

Of course, there are many other things you should know about Rye Whisky. But as long as you know the difference between Whisky and Bourbon, what food goes well with it, and what health benefits you can get, you can have a better-tasting experience when drinking whisky made up of rye grains.

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