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Why it is Important to Learn Trigonometry

Why it is Important to Learn Trigonometry?

by Reddy Prasad (Admin)

Important to Learn Trigonometry: Math is the first practical subject that we all learn in our school life. Math is the only subject that does not have any type of theoretical question in its examination. It is a type of subject in which if a student gains an interest, then it becomes an easy subject for them. We all should do every solution in a question of math practically because it makes the solution of a question simpler.

Many students try to cram subjects in their school life. This may be done in a theoretical subject but a student can never cram things into math. The practicality of this subject forces a student to understand the concept rather than cram it. The trigonometric table is a concept of maths that makes the solution of a question easy.

If a student wants to cram things in maths, then he or she should cram the values present in this table. This does not mean that a student does not even try to understand how the values are placed in this table. A student should understand the trigonometric table once and then they should cram the table so that they could save their time in an examination.

Benefits of learning the concept of trigonometry

There are a lot of benefits which are provided by this concept if a person learns it properly. These benefits can vary according to the situation. Some of these benefits are given in the following points

  • It is a concept that is popularly used in navigation. This navigation can be used in the field of satellite systems. So If a student has an interest in the stream related to this field, Then he or she should first master the concept of trigonometry.
  • Many people may argue that if trigonometry is used in a day to day life or not? The answer to this question is yes, it is used in a day to day life. This does not mean that everything related to this concept should be applied directly in a trigonometric function. This concept may be used in daily activities like running and walking. This concept can show how much distance a person can cover in one step.
  • Trigonometry these days is the best topic for a student if he or she wants to pursue a career in the field of architecture. Nowadays people like to build a house which has unique look in it. So if a person wants to create a unique look for a house, then he or she should have a creative mind and a good knowledge of trigonometry. If an architect wants to change the shape of a specific thing like stone or glass in the house, then he or she should use the concept of trigonometry.
  • Multimedia is a concept that is demanded today in almost every field. In this field of multimedia, there is a concept of digital imaging. This concept is made possible with the help of trigonometry. In this concept, the image is made too detailed that it should look real. This image is formed be in 3D. So trigonometry is used while making the curves or angles of a certain shape correctly so that it should end in a perfect shape.
  • One of the most popular uses of trigonometry is that it is used to find the height offer specific things. Trigonometry is also used to find the height of a mountain or a tall building. This thing is also used by the engineers of an aircraft so that they could build a plane that could fly at a certain height

So it can be concluded that a student should take interest in the concept of this trigonometry because this concept can help a student in many different streams. People who do not try to understand this concept may not be able to solve a question from this concept in any way. A student should always remember the value of trigonometry ratios. This concept may look difficult but if a student tries to understand this concept practically, then he or she can understand this concept easily. There are some practical videos present on Cuemath which can help a student in understanding things more easily.


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