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Why Is Selenium Used Widely For Automation?

Why Is Selenium Used Widely For Automation?

by Reddy Prasad (Admin)

Why Is Selenium Used Widely For Automation?

Selenium is a popular test automation tool used across multiple application platforms. Selenium was initially designed to automate web tests. Selenium as a technology is trying to simplify the tedious process of testing, which can be done manually by writing scripts in widely varying and unstructured languages.

Selenium has been a great success when used for Java, Javascript and other ‘application’ programming languages. Selenium can also be used to automate automated tests (bots) in different environments where the test scripts are written in lower level scripting languages.

Usage of Selenium in Angular Development:

Angular Development Company states that the lives are easier with the help of Selenium Automation. With Selenium, it’s easy to write tests in any language as well as running them on different browsers. The popularity of this tool is a sign that it delivers the benefits we expect from automation. We have compiled a list of Reasons why Selenium is useful in Angular Development:

  • It codifies best practices and makes it easy to write repeatable, high-quality tests in any language with any web browser.
  • The Google- Selenium project is such a popular technology that reduces the budget of teams and developers, who use it to increase productivity, quality and reduce total cost of ownership.
  • Selenium allows you to add navigational capabilities to your testing suite which allows developers to take the tedious part out of the process while improving code reuse and reducing bugs in your code base.

Usage of Selenium in ReactJs Development:

Selenium is short for Selective automation, a name given to the technology used by browsers to automate and control test devices. Selenium in ReactJs Development is a library of elements for automating a browser-understandable interface over which developers can create new forms of programming that work like the native apps on browsers and smartphones.

Selenium is one of the most popular test automation tools used by ReactJs web Development Company that need to develop software in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. It allows testers to work faster on multiple projects, while maintaining code-level consistency. Selenium was traditionally used in web applications and mobile apps, but it has since expanded to help test other areas like databases, infrastructure, and networking. We have compiled a list of Reasons why Selenium is useful in ReactJs Development Services:

  • The web compatibility of Selenium means that many of the most popular languages and frameworks can be tested in addition to Javascript and Python.
  • With Selenium, you can write automated tests in your favourite language that run on web browsers that run on a wide variety of operating systems.
  • It allows automated tests to be executed against the target operating environment with minimal setup time, by providing a user interface for a specified set of actions (objects) and behaviours.
  • Selenium also provides a programming model for Selendroid, which allows a native application to be written entirely in JavaScript.

Benefits of Selenium in Automation:

Selenium is the most popularly used test automation tool for web application testing. It has a strong community base due to which, there are plenty of sites that provide extensive support for user queries. The following are the top benefits of Selenium:

  • It can handle a variety of browsers on any platform and also drives the application under test in its real environment.
  • It provides testers with the ability to create multiple scripts to be used across various browsers.
  • Selenium helps to reduce overall test automation maintenance cost and increases re-usability.
  • Selenium can automate repetitive tasks and complex tasks like reading and writing data from Excel files, database connection, etc.
  • Selenium helps solve automation framework related problems and implements different web testing frameworks as it is an open source tool.
  • Cross browser compatibility: This is one of the prominent benefits of Selenium. It allows you to test websites and web pages on multiple browsers and operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc.
  • Parallel execution: One of the biggest challenges for testers is executing tests across different situations such as platforms and browsers simultaneously. This tester can carry out multiple tasks at a time using Selenium Grid as an extension within a Selenium suite itself.

Bottom Line:

Selenium is the best automation testing tool used by organizations in the test automation services that may be used to verify web applications in numerous browsers and operating systems as well. Angular Development Company makes use of Selenium to run Full-end tests on projects, in order to ensure all pages are visible, legible and behaving properly in the user’s browser.

ReactJs Development Company experts want to test their web application in all browsers with different versions. For covering such tests, automation helps a lot. With Selenium, they can test their web application on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and so on.

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