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5 Different Types of Awnings You Can Install

5 Different Types of Awnings You Can Install

by Alison Lurie

The sight of a shop’s window shaded with white and red striped awning cloth stretched onto a frame on a sunny afternoon is a nostalgic sight to many. An awning is no longer “a sight of the past”; it is very much in style today. People today experiment with multiple types of custom awnings to impart their style and individuality to their establishments and homes. Here are the types of awnings you can consider for your building premises:

1.Pergola Awnings:

These awnings have a fixed design; they are not retractable like other types of awnings. One side of the awning’s frame is fixed to a wall, and poles support the other side. It is not a choice for establishments with space restrictions like a street-side candy store. It is more apt for larger areas like a rooftop restaurant. The advantage of pergola awnings is that these are a more stable sort of awnings, thanks to the support provided by the poles and are not free hanging. Hence, it allows pergola awnings to withstand changing weather conditions better than other types.

2.Patio Awnings:

These are the most common kinds of awnings. A patio awning’s frame is not supported by poles like in the case of pergola awnings, this feature makes it a more suitable choice when you have space crunch, yet you need shade from the weather. One end of the frame is fixed to a wall, and the other end is free hanging. The apparent disadvantage of patio awnings is their reduced strength due to the absence of poles. Hence, patio awnings are best not left open during an extremely windy or rainy day.

3.Conservatory Awnings:

Everybody loves a house or an establishment with a clear glass roof that allows ample natural light inside. The disadvantage of this beauty is the difficulty to manage indoor temperatures on a hot sunny day. Due to the greenhouse effect, the space inside such an establishment starts to trap more heat and put a heavy load on air conditioning systems. The best approach to this problem is to employ conservatory awnings with a unique frame system that allows them to be mounted under the glass roof. Generally, these awnings are operated with a remote. These unique awnings will enable you to control the amount of natural light inside the establishment, allowing you better control of the indoor environment.

4.Freestanding Awnings:

They are a special type of patio awnings. The primary difference between a freestanding awning and a traditional patio awning is that freestanding awnings do not require a fixed wall to be mounted upon. Special poles support these awnings’ frame structure, strategically placed to give extra sturdiness to the whole awning. Since it doesn’t require a wall for mounting, it’s the perfect choice for an open outdoor setting like an open lawn restaurant or swimming poolside area.

5.Vertical Awnings:

These awnings can be described as outdoor blinds. These can be very useful to protect your establishment’s exterior. These awnings generally have waterproof fabric, which can impart the necessary level of protection to the building exterior from the weather. These can be a perfect choice for an open beachside shack.

Awnings are the best choice when it comes to providing the right amount of weather protection to your house or establishment. Based on space availability you can choose from the various type of awning which is available. According to your ease of use, budget and frequency of service, you can opt for a manual or a motorised retractable awning. More premium custom awnings can have additional features like remote-controlled heating and lighting system or a sensor-controlled awning that can sense the weather and sun and adjust accordingly.

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