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Future CEO Jack Haldrup, a young man in his twenties with a love for natural ingredients, was the driving force behind the dr squatch brand. In his quest for all-natural soap for men, he discovered a void in the personal care industry (this was in the early 2010s). Jack reasoned if he’s not the only one who desired natural soap with stronger scents. He wanted to try his hand at soap invention as an opportunist and a serious perfume enthusiast. Dr. Squatch made his public debut in 2013 after spending some time in his basement playing with flavours and scents.

What is Dr. Squatch?

Dr. squatch makes all-natural, made by hand men’s soap. In latest years, the LA-based ecommerce brand has developed into hair care, shower items, cologne, and other goods. They’ve made a name for themselves in the manscaping world, but soap remains their mainstay, with the option of signing up for a monthly membership. Dr. Squatch obtained a nod from Bustle magazine lately, and its CEO was highlighted on the Famous Insider blog last year. You’ve actually come to this site to see if the specialty bar soap is really exclusive, and we’ve got you covered. This Dr Squatch Soap analysis will give you an inside look at the company and its products, as well as consumer feedback, exclusive offers, and more.

Handmade Dr Squatch Bar Soaps:

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Dr. Squatch offers 11 masculine scents in heavy, foamy, found that transformational dr squatch soap. Natural glycerin is mixed with coconut and olive oil in each soap in the series to nourish your skin. Since there are no harsh additives or flavourings, the skin will feel soft. Dr. Squatch has developed a useful Squatch Quiz to assist you in determining which soaps/scents will be better for you. These soaps come in a variety of colours and textures, and they often have parts of the primary components.

Before you buy soap from Dr. Squatch, there are a few things to think about:

  • It’s just about the money for men. It will seem that $7 for a bar of soap is excessive.
  • Come on, a 12-pack of Irish Spring bar soap can be had for $5 at Walmart. Irish Spring, on the other hand, would most likely turn you into Deadpool faster than you’d like.
  • Dr. Squatch also offers reassurance. You’re giving your skin a perfect, organic clean while still investing in its future.
  • Dr. Squatch is also manufactured in the United States of America, boy. If you care about helping American companies, the $7 price tag does not seem so bad.
  • The soap bars, by the way, are very big. When you buy them back, they make you feel like a real man.
  • Since care for Mother Nature is the manly, recent innovation to do, Dr. Squatch bar soap is packaged with recycled materials.
  • So, while a $7 investment may seem to be risky at first glance, there is some benefit there.
  • If you like Dr. Squatch bar soap, they sell a subscription package as an additional bonus. You will save 15% on soap and hours of time driving to the supermarket to buy it.

Review of Dr. Squatch Bar Soap:

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  1. Dr squatch review I was cynical at first, but after using the Cedar Citrus Bar Soap for a week, my skin looked visibly better.
  2. My arms flake like crazy when it becomes even dryer and colder, as I said in my intro.
  3. My dead skin cells were exfoliated away by the oatmeal, while natural oils cleansed and hydrated my skin.
  4. The soap lathers well, but it isn’t used that much. For years, I’ve used bar soap and been disappointed that a decent lather came at the cost of the bar used here up in two weeks.
  5. The Cedar Citrus hardly shows signs of use after the first week. It’s much more fitting to call them soap blocks. These bad boys may be used to build a home.
  6. After taking showers, I was honestly shocked by how wonderful I smelled. I anticipate smelling clean and new, but not as if I had just applied cologne.

Men’s Moisturizing Shampoo:

Dr. Squatch Men’s Moisturizing Shampoo is designed to strengthen the hair and preserve its health. Tea tree soothes the scalp and heals broken strands, while nettle leaf provides strength-building vitamins. When you combine the fragrance of uplifting ocean breeze with the new scent of cyprus oil, you get Uplifting Ocean Breeze. Guess it depends on hair condition, dr squatch commercial advises using the shampoo 1-3 days a week. If your hair is dry or curly, rinse less often (once a week). You could get away with washing your hair three times a week whether you have straight and/or oily hair. 2x/week is ideal if the hair is partially dry and/or curly.

Shower Boosters:

These items are designed to improve the showering experience, mostly by avoiding technical difficulties. The $15 Soap Saver is designed to keep your soap bars safe by protecting them with a rustic-looking cedar block. For $25, you can update to the Bigfoot Soap Saver, which houses three bars at once. The Soap Gripper should be for the careless lads who lose their bars all the time. I’m not criticising; I do that all the time myself. With subtle little spikes, this fashionable ergonomic soap accessory sticks to any strip of Dr Squatch soap.

Beard Oil & Beard Cologne:

Dr. Squatch should not abandon the bearded men. CEO Jack Haldrup has a teddy bear of his own. Dr Squatch beard oils include natural essential oils that hydrate and nourish your beard. Either of the different variants costs $18, and an eyedropper is provided for easy use. The Lakeside Bourbon Beard Oil brings back memories of canoeing and relaxing on the dock with a bottle of bourbon. To achieve the Smooth Bourbon smell, this beard oil includes sandalwood, myrrh, and grapefruit.

Where to Buy Dr Squatch:

Dr. Squatch items are available for order at dr.squatch.com. Pick items are also available for Purchase online, just make sure the vendor is Dr. Squatch.

Is Dr. Squatch available in stores?

Dr. Squatch is available from a few third-party stores, but the best way to get it is online.


Dr. Squatch is a men’s all-natural soap and personal care brand that is one of the nation’s quickest natural personal care businesses, with revenues expected to hit $100 million by 2020. Natural cold process bar cleaner, deodorant, hair products, and toothpaste are Dr. Squatch’s hero items.

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