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What is MusicMagpie?

What is MusicMagpie?

by Reddy Prasad (Admin)

MusicMagpie has become a worldwide ecommerce sensation. They recently moved to Stockport Exchange’s new office complex. MusicMagpie was established in 2007, at the outset of the worldwide downturn. People will need a fast and simple service to purchase and sell a variety of products, Steve and his business associate Walter Gleeson reasoned. CDs, DVDs, toys, and, more importantly, books, along with consumer goods such as computers, gaming consoles, and tablets, are among these products.

The company’s success over the last decade was nothing short of incredible. After they started trading, they have seen a significant increase in sales. In their first year of business, in 2008, they made a £500,000 profit. They now have a turnover of more than £100 million per annum. The entrepreneurial pair formed music Magpie in Steve’s garage in Hazel Grove, Stockport, following years of working in the music industry.

Customers flocked to them from all around the globe, and the room soon became too limited. Over 200 countries have purchased their products, including North Korea and the Vatican City. Fortunately, Stockport’s industrial property system is robust enough to sustain success stories like musicmagpie store. The infrastructure enables them to expand and sustain their market share while employing a dedicated and hardworking workforce.

What is the best way for me to sell my items?

Everything you have to do to sell CDs, DVDs, cards, and books is enter the barcode (without spaces or dashes) into the box on the webpage. For tech pieces, simply type in the make and model, or select it from a drop-down menu. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a cost for unnecessary LEGO, throw it in a jar, weigh it, and choose the closest weight from the drop-down menu.

You will get money for your unused media and gadgets if you sell them:

What is MusicMagpie?

If you’re short of space just want to get rid of any discarded things, musicmagpie sell makes it simple to sell CDs, DVDs, and games. Simply input the barcode and mail them off in a package for free and get an immediate quote for the items you wish to sell. Yes, it really is that easy. You can either bring the order to a nearby ParcelShop by using the free Send Service, or they might arrange for a courier to pick it up for you at no additional charge. MusicMagpie can purchase books, smart phones – like an Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy – and other electronic items, such as gaming consoles or the iPad or iPod, in addition to CDs, DVDs, and games.

How Does Music Magpie Work?

With musicMagpie, it’s simple to sell unused CDs, DVDs, cards, books, smartphones, and more. Choose the item you would like to sell and get an instant price; however, you must sell at least £5 worth of goods to get an instant price. Put it in a box and mail it or get it picked up for free by a courier. You will then be charged through a variety of payment systems the same day they receive your piece.

Admission to AIM of musicMagpie plc:

Northern Venture Trust PLC (the “Firm”) is delighted to report that musicMagpie plc (“musicMagpie”), the investment group of Entertainment Magpie Group Limited, was allowed to trade on AIM earlier today, along with a placement of new and current stock. The putting price was £1.93 a share, giving musicMagpie a market capitalization of £208 million.

The Company currently owns 4,444,243 shares of musicmagpie ebay as a result of the placement. This holding is worth £8.6 million based on the placement price of £1.93 a share. Since 2015, the board has helped musicMagpie management team as it pursued its growth agenda, and it is delighted to hold this equity interest, which accounts for 4.1 percent of the company’s overall outstanding share capital.

When the above-mentioned realised proceeds are added to the overall investment profits earned to date of £0.6 million, the Company’s total initial investment balance has been returned 11.6 times. As comparison to the amount included in the Company’s independently audited Net Asset Value (“NAV”) per share at 31 December 2020, the recognition of capital proceeds listed above, along with the uplift in the value of the musicMagpie stock owned by the Company, reflects an uplift in price of £6.4 million (published on 25 February 2021).

Embracing the Help of the Future:

musicMagpie intends to expand its multimedia support platforms portfolio as well as improve existing ones. Recognizing the growing prevalence of WhatsApp and other mobile instant messaging platforms as the primary method of communication for many consumers, the team aims to use Zendesk’s cutting-edge messaging platform to allow as many customers as possible to use their preferred method of communication.

“We would like to incorporate things like WhatsApp and Apple Message,” Jonathan said, “so using Zendesk’s Sunshine product will be our rational next step.” “Rather than just the overt integration that we have now, we’ll potentially expand our social media by Sunshine as well.” “With the ticket sizes that we have, we are a benchmark in terms of the support quality we have. We expect to prosper as we expand through our relationship with Zendesk by always keeping customer experience and loyalty at the forefront of our business.”

A Flexible and Assistive Partnership?

Even when dealing with more complex inquiries that can take longer to resolve, music magpie sell still has an impressively fast customer service response time. “We’re having an overall first response time of 3 business hours along an average of 20,000 tickets per week,” Jonathan said. The business has also taken advantage of Zendesk’s software’s versatility to customise its platform, partnering with in-house developers to create an after-sales plug-in application.

Agents can use the software to refund or replace an object, as well as create a sample response that is pre-populated with all applicable data that can be easily personalised for each client. The musicMagpie team is now well positioned to leverage all facets of the app to boost their user service when they have access to reliable and timely guidance from the Zendesk team.


For musicmagpie, the future looks much better. The company is actively expanding into new markets for goods recycled and reselling. If you have any questions comment below.

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