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Electric Vehicle Accessories: What All Do You Need?

by Alison Lurie

An electric motor provides power to an electric vehicle (EV) instead of an internal combustion engine, which produces energy by burning a mixture of fuel and gases. Therefore, to address rising pollution, global warming, the depletion of natural resources, etc., such a vehicle is seen as a potential replacement for current-generation automobiles. 

Even though the idea of electric cars has been around for a while, it has attracted a lot of attention in the last ten years due to fuel-powered cars’ growing carbon footprint and other environmental effects. However, there is still some concern that future problems may arise because EVs are still in their infancy, especially the uncertainty of the electric vehicle accessories being available. However, there are many accessories you can use to effectively solve any problem you encounter while driving them, so do not be alarmed.

What Does an Electric Vehicle’s Efficiency Mean?

The ratio of energy consumption at the output to consumption at the input is referred to as the system’s efficiency. For instance, the efficiency of an electric motor is 1/1.2 = 0.833 if it produces 1kW of energy while consuming 1.2kW from the power source. So, the battery’s chemical energy is transformed into electrical energy, which the motor then transforms into mechanical energy. Meanwhile, the main energy losses are:

  • Energy losses in the battery during the conversion (thermal losses).
  • Motor (mechanical, hysteresis, core loss, copper loss, etc.)
  • Inverter (switching losses in IGBTs, copper losses, etc.)
  • Transmission (Mechanical loss, friction loss, etc.)
  • Wheel (Mechanical loss, thermal loss, friction loss, etc.)

How Does an Electric Car Use the Energy?

An electric vehicle uses energy for numerous purposes to move forward, including energy to overcome friction, electrical losses, and aerodynamic drag. Meanwhile, the electric vehicle accessories every owner should keep in their car are:

EV Charger

The purpose of an electric charger is pretty straightforward: it is necessary to charge your electric car. As such, you may need to use the cord with your EV or the plug that a charger occasionally provides.

Home Charging Station

The ability to charge at home is the main attraction for many EV owners. You will require a home charging station for this, many of which are on Amazon. As such, many people enjoy the convenience of plugging in their electric car and letting it charge all night.

Electric Car Blanket

Even though using an electric blanket in your electric car may seem odd, it comes in handy if you don’t want to spend money on heated seats. You only need to plug it into the dash’s charging port to start. And anyone who enjoys car camping might find this very useful since they may not have anticipated how chilly the evenings could become after a gorgeous day of sunshine.

Electric Car Tires

Although you could theoretically use regular car tires on your electric vehicles, buying tires specifically made for electric vehicles is more cost-effective. This is because many EV newbies may be unaware of their instant torque, and your vehicle’s range can be increased with the aid of electric car tires.

Weatherproof Floor Mats

Whether you’re going green with an EV or, for the time being, sticking with a gasoline-powered vehicle, all-weather floor mats are a great addition. It will safeguard your flooring, which is crucial as the vehicle ages. Owners of electric vehicles who reside in regions with severe winters rely on it even more.

Extra Cables for Charging

Yes, charging cables are included with your electric vehicle. Although nothing can be guaranteed entirely, having a backup set of cables is nice. And to prevent them from overheating, it’s a good idea to get some made of heat-resistant materials.

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