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When shipping a car, the process can be very complicated

by Reddy Prasad (Admin)

It needs to be loaded on a specific trailer and delivered within a certain time frame. Therefore, it would help ensure that companies like RCG Auto Logistics knows what you’re looking for. This article will talk about what you should look for in a transport service and why you should hire one. You’ll also learn to communicate your needs and requirements to the auto transport company.

Credible and trustworthy

The first thing to do when shipping a car is to prepare it. If the car is not in a driveable condition, it will be charged a non-run fee by the car carrier. Therefore, the car should have enough gas and a fully charged battery to avoid this. Additionally, the antifreeze level in the car must be adequate for the climate during transport, as inadequate antifreeze can crack the engine block.

Moreover, a trustworthy auto transport service will always publish a telephone number, which you can call. It should also have a live chat option where you can get immediate customer support. It is important because you cannot be sure if the auto transport company you are dealing with has good customer support or not. Furthermore, auto transport companies should not require upfront payments unless they have performed the service.

A professional auto transport service will offer you several payment options, including cash, credit cards, and checks. Beware of companies that only accept wire transfers or prefer using cash since these methods are difficult to trace. Remember that moving a car is a complicated process requiring many resources and expertise. Consequently, a cheap auto transport company will likely skimp on these factors.

Affordable service

When shipping a car, you must choose a shipping method, such as open or enclosed transportation. Open transport means exposing the vehicle to the environment and is typically the least expensive option. However, if you are shipping a fleet of cars, you may want to consider an enclosed auto transport service instead. In addition, open transport is not a good option if you move the vehicle long distance.

The transport price will vary based on the mileage, fuel prices, and extra items that need to be packed with the vehicle. An empty car will receive the lowest price. Additionally, drivers will prefer a larger city or one accessible via highways. You may have to pay a bit more for a rural pickup. Lastly, open car carriers are the least expensive option, while enclosed car carriers cost up to 50% more.

Ensure that the auto transport service is affordable. When shipping a car, timing is a crucial consideration. When choosing a transport company, wait until the off-peak season to save money. For example, the peak season for auto transport carriers that operate on coast-to-coast routes is May through September. Likewise, fall and spring are the busiest times for auto transport providers operating north-south routes.

Door-to-door shipping

When shipping a car, you should ensure that the auto transport service is door-to-door to avoid any inconvenience. It is important to note that large commercial vehicles require access to a wide parking lot or wider street to reach the location where they will pick up the car. Ask the company to provide a Bill of Lading for the transportation of your vehicle.

 Door-to-door service includes the entire process of transporting a car: loading, transportation, and unloading upon delivery. It also includes physical support for the car. As a result, it reduces risks, increases the quality of car transportation, and ensures the vehicle’s safety. By choosing door-to-door auto transport, you can feel confident that your car is safe and in good hands.

Choosing a door-to-door auto transport service will save you time and money. Most auto transport companies will deliver your vehicle as close to your door. While you might want to help the auto transporter out with the process, it will save you time and effort. Most auto transporters cannot maneuver on residential streets, so be sure to find a parking lot where they can unload your car safely. If possible, select a door-to-door service and be flexible about the timeframe.

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