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The Ideal Solution for Storage Problems

The Ideal Solution for Storage Problems

by Alison Lurie

The Ideal Solution for Storage Problems

One of the most common hurdles encountered by those living in compact houses, apartments and limited space is storage. Most families with children struggle to find enough room for all their belongings. The perfect solution to this problem is a creative and functional outdoor storage option. Individuals can now find appropriate garages or sheds online to overcome this difficulty.

With the increasing population and limited space, the outdoor storage unit businesses have flourished. Companies now customise sheds and units according to the client’s requirements.

New research has identified an unprecedented rise in the self-storage industry in Australia. The supply of storage units and sheds online is destined to rise by 10 per cent in the coming years. Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne have proposed to launch around 31 self-storage units in the next two years. Demand for garages and storage units is said to escalate steadily with the upsurge in residential development in parts of Australia.

Types of storages

Choosing the equitable storage unit can be challenging, considering the wide range of options available in the market. Additionally, there are several factors that one must consider while selecting a storage unit. Nevertheless, the best outdoor storage units are garages and sheds, as they are highly durable and spacious. Garages and sheds further have varying characteristics based on the user’s requirements.

Garage/shed types and their features:

  • Standard garage – This is the most basic type of garage available. The foremost and only purpose of this garage is to store vehicles. It does not have any added features like other garages.
  • Apartment garage – This is similar to the standard garage. However, it has additional storage capacity beside or above the garage. Apartment garages tend to increase the value of the property.
  • Compact garage – This is the smallest type of garage obtainable. This garage has minimal facilities and storage capacity and is ideal for people who do not have plenty of space for an additional storage unit.
  • Colonial garage – The design and construction of these garages are influenced by the 18th-century buildings of Virginia.
  • Oversized garage – Like the name itself suggests, these garages provide additional space around the vehicle. An individual can easily walk around freely in the garage and store small items.
  • Storage sheds – Although they are small in size, they have multiple shelves and enough floor space to store items like lawnmowers and two-wheelers. These sheds usually don’t have any windows.
  • Tool sheds – These are medium-sized storage units that have enough space to store items and accommodate a workbench. Since they are larger, they have at least one window, and the wall is dedicated to hanging tools. Tools sheds are usually made out of wood.
  • Work sheds – Work sheds are mainly designed for working, unlike tool sheds. Preference is given to space, orientation and comfort as the client are likely to spend hours working in this shed.
  • Studio sheds – These sheds are strong, big and durable, attractive and spacious. Studio sheds can be easily converted into a home office, spare room, recreational space, gym or an art studio. Timber stud walls allow the clients to personalise the space and use it at their convenience.

Factors to consider while choosing an outdoor storage unit

  • Size – One must choose the size of the storage unit depending on the items they plan to store.
  • Period – Although many sheds online provide flexibility in the renting time, an individual must have a basic idea of the rental period.
  • Cost – Budget must be kept in mind while choosing a storage unit. The cost largely depends on the size of the unit and the rental period.
  • Temperature – While choosing a unit, an individual must make a list of the types of items they are planning to store. This allows an individual to easily select a storage unit that controls the temperature based on their needs.

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