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LetsExchange overview. All you need know about crypto exchange

LetsExchange overview. All you need know about crypto exchange

by Reddy Prasad (Admin)

All you need to know about crypto exchange

Now, there are thousands of cryptocurrency exchanges available in the market. All of them have their pros and cons, and it is good so. Everybody can select something suitable based on their needs and expectations. However, not all exchanges are worth your attention when it comes to the basic features such as:

  • Safety level
  • Exchange process ease
  • Exchange rates
  • Fees, and similar.

Here, we are going to review a platform that not just seems to comply with the basic requirements to a cryptocurrency exchange but offers a number of benefits that cannot be ignored if you are selecting a reliable place to swap even the rarest coins – LetsExchange.

The first question would be “Is LetsExchange legit?” We have checked all the details of the platform, and we can assure you that it is legit. The company has a registered address and operates according to the valid legislation. Therefore, there are no reasons to doubt the legality of the mentioned cryptocurrency exchange.

The next question would be the availability of the needed coins. This instant platform supports over 370 coins and tokens which means that you can swap not only XMR to ETH there. Trading on LetsExchange is comfortable for those who have a diverse portfolio or want to make it more varied. 

Registration process and verification procedures are another major point in assessing the platform and its comfort. When it comes to LetsExchange.io, we have stated already that it is an instant platform. It means that there, you do not need to register anything even though you can open an account if you want to benefit from an affiliate program. No KYC is required, either. 

Further, the availability of customer support is important. The company’s customer support is available 24/7, and they are solving issues indeed. We have checked it, and we are happy with the communication and solutions offered by the guys. 

The best exchange rates are offered by the algorithm that searches for the most profitable conditions across multiple platforms. Therefore, whatever coin you select, you can count on the most profitable swap.

Non-custodial services are offered. It means that the company doesn’t store your funds and no stage. You are the only one responsible for the safety of your coins. 

No limitations are imposed. You can change as many times and as many sums as you want. If you have millions of coins, you can swap them, no issues at all.

A fixed or a floating rate is offered when you start a transaction. It means that you can fix the rate to make it stay valid until the transaction is over, or you might want to let it float to benefit from the exchange rate fluctuation if the price changes to your benefit. The latter option is more suitable to those who understand the market and can benefit from it, indeed. 

The company’s customer support is available constantly, day and night, to resolve any issues that may arise. You can ask them questions on the exchange process, fees, rates, and of course, you need to contact them asap when an issue occurs with your transaction. 

What means an “instant exchange”? It means what we have already described. You can start exchanging your cryptocurrency instantly, without all those registrations, verifications, or whatever. If you use an instant exchange, you need to have a wallet where you can receive the coins you want to buy. Such platforms do not store the clients’ funds. 

Now, when you know what to expect from the platform, you can properly weigh all the cons and pros, and make a wise decision. 

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