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 A Complete Guide to Buy Men’s Leather Belts

by Alison Lurie

Given the abundance of leather belts for men, shopping for one may quickly become frustrating. Along with the belt’s appearance, other factors such as how well it fits, how long it will last, and the leather’s quality are also important. The right leather belt is cosy, strong, and fashionable enough to improve your entire look. The secret is to differentiate high-quality mens leather belts from cheaper copies.

Types of Leather Belts

There are two kinds of leather belts, formal and casual, which you’ll notice when shopping for a leather belt.

Dress belts are often belts you’d wear with slacks to a formal or business occasion. Tucking in a shirt allows others to see the dress belt in these situations. The belt must thus look beautiful and fit well.

The same goes for casual belts, which with many pants, including jeans, shorts, and even slacks. Typically, casual belts are not prominent since the shirt would be out of place.

One can find leather belts in various hues. Your dress belt should always match your shoes for a unified and classy appearance.

How to choose a leather belt of the highest quality

  • Grain of belt’s leather

The texture, pattern, and quality of the leather used to make the belt will depend on the leather’s grain. Generally speaking, full-grain leather is the best type of leather you can buy, and you should always search for it. This leather exhibits the leather’s natural grain made from the skin’s outermost layer.

Top-grain leather falls under the second-highest grade of leather you can purchase. It is an alternative to full-grain leather. It removes the outermost layer of the hide, leaving it thinner and less robust.

  • Colour of the belt

Always seek a leather belt that suits your preferences. For example, a black Italian leather belt with blue stitching has a splash of colour, as do modern intelligent men’s dresses or casual belts.

  • Belt width, design, and buckle

Casual belts often have a broader width than formal belts while looking for belts. Due to its more pronounced and informal appearance, people particularly golf experts and fans, like the size 40mm. For different situations where the requirement of a dress belt is necessary, the size 35mm is made to be more understated but attractive.

The belt’s pattern is a question of taste and personal preference, much as its colour and breadth. Some people may favour the Italian calf belts’ smoothness. In contrast, others will enjoy the distinctive appearance of imitation gator leather belts. Everything depends on you and your aesthetic requirements.

It would help to choose a belt buckle slightly accentuating the leather belt. All quality leather belts have Italian clips of solid brass with palladium plating for a classic appearance.

How to size a leather belt

It might be challenging to determine your belt’s size while purchasing online because every business does it differently.

It is better sizing your leather belt by getting one that is one size larger than the circumference of your pants. For the best fit, buying a belt one size larger than your current pant size is recommended. For the third loop of the belt tail, for example, if you typically wear a size 34, get a size 36.

How to store a leather belt

In a retail shop, leather belts are frequently found dangling from a rack. You should wrap up your belt and put it securely in your closet or a travel bag.

After some time of use, if your leather belts develop any stains or blemishes, be sure to clean them using a leather cleaner.


Shopping for mens leather belts might be intimidating. Still, the process can go smoothly if you buy from a company that genuinely cares about your fashion requirements.

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