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All Questions Answered About Press-on Nails

All Questions Answered About Press-on Nails

by Alison Lurie

The Nail Salon and Personal Waxing industry in Australia forms a significant part of the Australian lifestyle and has a market size of 1.2 billion AUD. Over 21,949 beauty and hair salons successfully operate in Australia. A chip-free, polished set of nails can instantly lift anyone’s mood and make them ready to head out. However, one cannot always visit a nail artist to get a flawless manicure or get the perfect nail paint on themselves. Press-on products like Kiss Nails can easily take the place of well-groomed, freshly polished nails. They are polished to perfection and are available in online and offline stores at reasonable prices.

What Are Press-on Nails?

Whether one wants it short or long, polished or matted or accentuated with gems, Kiss Nails press-on kits are available for everyone. These are far from the cheap relics of the past that didn’t sit right and stood out as being too artificial. The modern-day press-on nails use acrylic resin on the false nails that one can apply within minutes, without a mess or hassle. They provide a near-perfect salon-quality resemblance to manicured nails. Apart from the appearance, quality press-on nails come in various styles, shapes, sizes, colours and budgets. While some are available for a few bucks, others are built to last longer and resemble runway-quality nail art.

What to Look Out for?

Kiss Nails press-on nails typically come in kits that include a brush-on gel, manicure stick, brush cleaner activator, dip powder, sponge, file, a cuticle pusher and nail glue. Apart from this, they are also available independently in different styles, designs and shapes. The nails are divided into different compartments with multiple sizes to fit each nail size. The size of the press-on matters significantly. One can check the number displayed on the back to pick the right size. If a press-on nail does not fit into one of the nails, that’s where the file comes to aid.

How to Secure Press-on Nails?

Prepare the Nails

Press-on nails are as simple as selecting the nail, opening the cover and glueing it on. However, to put it on securely, prep is a critical step. Like a manicure, one must clean the nails and push back the cuticles to remove excess skin growth. They can do so using an alcohol-based nail cleanser and a sponge to ensure no dirt particles or oil residue. Proper prep helps the press-on to better adhere to the nails. They can also use a cotton ball or a pad included in the kit to rub the alcohol onto the nails. It removes the existing nail polish and provides an even surface.

Glueing the Nail

If the press-on is a temporary fix, then one can use the sticky tape that usually comes with it to secure them on the nails. To ensure that they last long, a touch of nail glue helps. They stay on for up to 10 days, depending on one’s lifestyle and sleep practices.

Place At an Angle

When applying a press-on Kiss Nail, they must bring it right up to the clean cuticle line and place it at a downward angle. They must apply pressure on the central area of the nail and push it in to secure it firmly. Pinching it on both sides solidifies the adhesive.

File the Press-on

After applying the entire set to all the fingers, one can file the press-on and contour the nails from the sidewalls. It helps taper them to provide a more natural look. Every nail bed is different; contouring using manicure sticks and files can provide a natural look.

Remove the Nails

Removing the press-on is as easy as applying them on. One can remove the self-adhesive using some warm water and a little oil. They must apply an acetone-based remover on the nail for smooth removal.

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