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What Are the Ideal Clothes for Snowboarding?

by Alison Lurie

It can be a big question for a person new to snowboarding: what to wear for an upcoming snowboarding session at the local resort? So, this article provides a simple guide to the basics of snow clothing that can keep a snowboarder warm and protected from the cold winter weather without cramping their style.

So, here’s a quick primer on what clothes to wear while snowboarding: 

Long Underwear

This garment wicks the sweat off the skin and helps to keep the body warm. Also, it is better to wear underwear made of synthetic, wool, or silk material instead of cotton. And snowboarders can wear either lightweight or midweight base layers depending on the weather outside.

Wool Top or Light fleece

Snowboarders can wear this item of clothing over the long underwear. These tops add extra warmth to the body in the freezing temperatures of the slopes. As such, the best way to wear it is under the jacket.

Snowboard Jacket

These jackets are a vital part of the snowboarding gear. They are usually made of waterproof or water-resistant material that is insulated to keep the body warm. They also have pockets and other snow-specific features for the convenience of the riders. And some people prefer to wear a waterproof but breathable rain jacket over the fleece or the wool top. Meanwhile, although the slickness of these rain jackets might lengthen the sliding after a fall, they are sufficient to stop the cold.

Snowboard Pants

These pants are an indispensable part of snow clothing. Like the jackets, they are also insulated, waterproof, or water-resistant and usually have pockets, making it very convenient to carry everything without burdening the jacket pockets too much. Some pants also have special features like bibs, vents, and other things that prevent the snow from entering the boots. Waterproof and yet breathable rain pants are also good to wear. However, one might need fleece pants to be worn underneath for better insulation.

Snowboard Socks

They are generally taller than the snowboarding boots, and some even have padding at the shins. Also, it is better to avoid thick socks as they can make the feet colder if the shoes become too tight for proper blood circulation. Wearing wool or synthetic socks instead of cotton ones is also advisable because cotton socks can quickly get wet from snow or sweat.

Mittens or Gloves

These items should be insulated, waterproof, and water-resistant. Otherwise, the fingers will become numb. Also, the greater their thickness, the more will be the warmth. 

Mittens are usually warmer than gloves, but with them, the dexterity reduces. And many snowboard-specific gloves and mittens have some excellent additional features, like built-in goggle wipes and long cuffs that stretch up to the mid-forearm to keep the snow out.

The pieces of snow clothing mentioned above are imperative for anybody who wants to go out into the snow for a snowboarding session. Other than these, they can also use items like a helmet, goggles, and neck gaiter. And although their primary function is to protect the body from damage, these are optional gear. Meanwhile, a helmet can protect the head and keep the head and ears dry and warm. Riders can also wear a warm hat instead of a helmet. Likewise, goggles can protect the eyes from snow, wind, and glare, and the neck gaiter or balaclava can protect the nose and the face from the cold wind while gliding down the snow-clad slopes in freezing temperatures.

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