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by Reddy Prasad (Admin)

What is Absorb LMS?

An integrated learning management system, such as Absorb LMS, may help you improve your employees. Whether you are a startup, SMB, or major organisation, our award-winning platform is made to accommodate your training requirements.

It features clever administration capabilities that let you maximise the platform. Additionally, it makes sure that the majority of your time is spent on worthwhile activities rather than mundane ones, like talking with students.

You can anticipate software that adapts to your needs with Absorb LMS. The interface also has a variety of training options. You may modify the programme to teach your partners how to follow your guidelines, for instance. Additionally, you may set up the system to facilitate clients’ familiarisation with your goods or services.

Additionally, you may divide up your registrants using the Absorb LMS to ensure that they only access the dashboard and courses that are pertinent to them. Numerous more elements of the Absorb LMS all adhere to the principle of learner-centrism.

How can I utilise Absorb LMS?

  • Absorb LMS’s main differentiators and benefits: More Efficiency Administrative chores may be automated to reduce costs and free up workers and time. The platform has a 99.99% service uptime over the past 12 months, making it dependable for providing training when it’s required.
  • Better Retention: Staff members that receive more continuous training are better informed, more secure, and happier. Employees frequently believe that their employer cares about them and controls their careers when they make time and financial investments.
  • Administration may be made more efficient in a centralised process by integrating with CRMs, HRISs, and other legacy technologies. This covers procedures for new client onboarding, employee promotions, and more. Users may be grouped by job responsibilities, and the necessary courses can be automatically created by HR staff.
  • Clear Communication: By centralising and standardising information, it makes it easier for learners to access it and maintain contact with the wider company. Additionally, administrators have control over the system’s branding and marketing.
  • Enhanced Learner Engagement: It provides a variety of alternatives to maintain students’ attention. Students who log in can access billboards, enormous static graphics, and movies that link to other websites or the LMS. Additionally, it offers leaderboards, surveys, news stories, and other social learning features along with customised social content.

Absorb LMS features:

  • Learner Interface – The Absorb LMS learner interface provides your learners with an approachable and intuitive experience that will keep them returning back for more training, all wrapped up in a professionally designed, custom-branded style.
  • Automate your administration for optimal effectiveness. Bend and shape Absorb LMS to function according to your regulations and timetable.
  • Obtain the information your company needs to make choices through reporting. You may sort through your LMS data using our Reports, which also recommends intelligent actions depending on the learners you’ve chosen.
  • Our fully integrated e-commerce module will make it simple to sell your courses. Absorb LMS is the ideal option for course sales, including discounts, preferred pricing, and a straightforward tax setup.
  • Mercury module: Give your admins an additional set of keys

Absorb LMS Pricing

The solution provides a risk-free trial, as was already indicated.

Depending on your demands, you may pick from the Premium, Elite, or Enterprise programmes. But you’ll need to request a price.

With the first, all customers have access to assistance. You may use it to access the Absorb LMS Knowledge Base and the in-platform chat feature for the Absorb Assistant.

The second is for businesses that are prepared to use training and learning to boost growth. A dedicated client success representative will be assigned to you. They will make sure LMS moves you in the direction of your objective.

Convenience, speed, and LMS performance are fueled by the third. A Client Success Manager, RESTful API integration setup, and on-site training are all available to you. Include the number of participants and the intended duration of the course.

Whether you are hosting or integrating affects LMS price, among other reasons. For 500 users, the cost might be as low as $1,350 per month or as high as $4,850 for 5000.

You must pay $5,000 for Elite Support and $25,000 for Enterprise Support, respectively.

User reviews:

It’s great to see that there are smartphone applications available for both the iOS and Android operating systems. Both, nevertheless, have quite poor ratings.

There are just 12 reviews and a low rating of 2.6 stars for the iOS Absorb Learning app. Users experience a variety of problems, including unexpected sign-outs when using the app, videos that won’t play after an update, and the app not functioning at all.

The Absorb learning app has just 11 ratings on the Google Play store, and it has a very same rating of 2.9 out of 5 stars. Users have complained that the material is simpler to use on a computer, that the video is obscured by the titles in landscape mode, that the experience is generally “Terrible,” and that the corporation needs to provide better app support.

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