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CanvasLMS (Canvas Learning Management System)

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Online course materials are distributed by the College of Lake County using the Learning Management System (LMS) Canvas.

In addition to doing a number of classroom activities, instructors can submit course materials for their students via Canvas.

Assignments may be retrieved and submitted, discussion groups can be joined, exams can be taken, and grades can be checked.

Why Canvas?

Numerous advantages of canvas include:

  • Features that can help you succeed in school
  • Tools to collaborate with your classmates and teachers, while promoting deeper learning and the capacity to create networks outside of the classroom
  • A mobile-friendly student app for on-the-go access to your courses

Canvas Online Learning

Canvas gives instructors the ability to create and oversee both in-person and online courses, and it gives students safe access to course materials whenever and wherever they have Internet connection.

  • Effort and cooperation
  • Watch lessons
  • submit homework
  • Take tests
  • Interact with teachers and other students.
  • Monitor their performance in the classroom.
  • Create, alter, and display course reports in a secure, password-protected online setting.

Try Canvas right now.

To learn how to use Canvas, you are invited to take the Passport to Canvas course. It is available to all students and is free! Use the Passport to Canvas Link to access the course in CLC’s Canvas. Use your full CLC student email address as your myCLC Username and password to log in. Select “Join Course” from the menu. When you login to Canvas the following time, the Passport to Canvas course will be accessible on your Canvas Dashboard as a result of this action.

Canvas: Use and Care

Use the question mark to obtain assistance and to locate the canvas student guide while you are signed into the platform. Contact your teacher if you are experiencing trouble browsing or accessing the course material or posting your assignment on Canvas.

Please utilise the Canvas Tech Support form if you require assistance after that window of time in accessing your course. The form is monitored by John Spencer (Canvas Tech Support), who will respond to you within a day.

For technical support, you may also contact Canvas at their (833) 816-6629 24-hour hotline.

How do I download the Canvas Student app on my Android device? 

To make course content more easily accessible on your Android smartphone, download the Canvas Student app.

Click the Play Store icon on your Android smartphone after opening it.

Look for an app



Enter “Canvas Student” into the search box . When the complete name shows, tap it.

Install an app



Select “Install” from the option.

App download



Track the installation and download status of the software.

Open App



By pressing the Open button when the app has finished downloading and installing on your smartphone, you may use it right away.

View App on Home Screen of Android

Student Overview on Canvas

  • You will be sent to your account overview page once you have signed into your Canvas account. You may visit your dashboard page from the sidebar on the left. Canvas offers a very user-friendly platform with a straightforward interface.
  • There are several excellent features in Canvas that may help you stay organised with your assignments. The platform comes with everything you need to succeed.
  • The toolbar on the left makes switching between classes simple. A list of impending tasks or other crucial information may be found on your dashboard.
  • You may access each course separately or traverse your whole course load using the toolbar on the left. Canvas also has a built-in communication tool and a calendar feature that will display all of your upcoming events.
  • If being organised has always been a challenge for you, using Canvas will make things much easier.

Canva Student is it free?

The app Canvas Student is free. The majority of the time, your educational institution will provide you access to Canvas. You can test out the programme even if you are not enrolled in an academic institution by following these instructions.

Canvas Student: Is it safe?

There aren’t many security worries if you use the free edition of Canvas for non-students. No information was requested from you in order to enter. You may use Canvas with confidence knowing that both the programme and your school are maintaining your security.

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