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Everything You Must Know Before Choosing A Vanity Top For Your Bathroom

Everything You Must Know Before Choosing A Vanity Top For Your Bathroom

by Alison Lurie

Choosing A Vanity Top For Your Bathroom

If you are planning on renovating your home, you might first have to start with the bathrooms. On that note, choosing an appropriate countertop to complement your bathroom style is vital. Unlike kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops are small and compact yet make a big difference! If your bathroom does not have a vanity, adding one can transform the look and bring other functional benefits. Choosing the right vanity material, style, and shape can be pretty challenging as you have a broad range of options, and a wrong choice can cause you complete re-installation.

Choosing the right one

The pandemic has increased home renovations, as people want to give a facelift to their homes. Amidst several vanity top materials, you should find the one that best suits your bathroom tiling and other accessories. Your vanity surface must resist shampoo stains and the ultimate morning hurry. If you have a double basin setup, your vanity needs to be strong enough to withstand the two basins. If this is your first take with vanity tops, here are some factors to consider,

1. Size

If you already have a sink installed and want to add a vanity as a part of the renovation, cut-out vanity counters are what you will need. It would help if you used soft tape to measure the dimensions of the space available so that you can fit an aptly fitting counter. On the flip side, if you are building your home and want the bathrooms to be modern, picking an integrated vanity top that comes with an in-built sink base can be a sensible choice. A Cut-to-size vanity is a typical option. And they do not come in a single size. So, jotting down the accurate measurements is necessary!

2. The material

Different vanity tops are made out of distinct materials and sometimes even blends. Ceramic vanity counters are the most common as they come with high scratch and heat resistant properties, making them a durable option.

Marble tops are another typical and desirable vanity option, and cast marbles best suit bathroom vanities. Cast marble tops, made out of marble and a polymer resin, leaves a gentle, glossy finish. When it comes to scratch resistance, marble vanities take the upper hand. However, when you go with marble tops, you might find minimal size options- so never overlook the accuracy of your dimensions. Other options include quartz, bamboo, granite, etc.

3. Your Budget

When investing in a vanity top, you first need to work out the entire renovation budget. Do not forget to make a realistic budget and never go overboard. Once you arrive at a final figure, find out what ratio of the total amount will you spend on the vanity top. Now, skim across the different options to identify the best suiting choice. If you are seeking a vanity top low in price, laminate is the best material to choose. Stones and ceramic tops can cost you substantially, but they last longer.

Benefits of installing a vanity top

Different vanities bring distinct functional and design benefits to your bath space. Some typical ones are,

  • Marble vanity counters keep the bathroom naturally cool and refreshing as it lowers the bathroom temperature.
  • Most vanities (marble, granite, etc.) are easy to care of and demand lesser maintenance costs.
  • Marble vanities can make your bathrooms look more spacious.
  • Ceramic vanities never discolourise or take up stains. They can resist water up to a temperature of 65 degrees or more.
  • Quartz vanities are non-porous, hygienic, and scratch/crack resistant.

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