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What Are the Different Types of Stationery?

What Are the Different Types of Stationery?

by Alison Lurie

Different Types of Stationery?

Stationery dates back to older than you would imagine. To be precise, stationery is a group of objects used in offices, schools, or even other industries to complete filings, writings, scripting, or even the meagre task of making notes.

These days you even have the facility to buy stationery online, which is excellent! Let’s look at the top types of stationeries available in the market.


The first and foremost stationery type is paper. There are various paper types that you will find while you buy stationery online such as custom notepads. They are A4, A3, B4 and B3.

A4 is typically smaller than A3, while A3 is less than an A2-size paper. Similarly, B4 is smaller than B3, while B2 is larger than B3.

Most of these papers are used by government departments for an array of jobs. A3 papers are more relevant for larger documents used as statement charts.

B4 and B3 are longer in their heights and width when compared with A4 and A3 paper. B3 and B4 papers are also relatively thicker and denser than the other two types. You will find the B3 and B4 categories more relevant for the xerox and for the use of duplicating.


Next comes stencils! Something most office goers can relate to. There are two main types of stencils: the back cover stencils and no front cover stencils paper. Now talking about the first type, the back cover stencil has a cover on its back. It contains the main paper, which has some specific dimensions on the first page.

These dimensions are generally present with carbon paper right in the middle. If the content must be replicated, you can insert the stencil in the typewriter for the entire typing process.

If you make any mistakes during the typing process, you can quickly correct them with correction fluid, and you’re game!

After these steps, you need to put this stencil in the duplicator for the duplicated copies. On the other hand, without a front cover stencil. There is no front cover in this stencil type, and only carbon paper is fixed on the back cover.


A Carbon is a paper that is black or blue in colour on one of its sides while having a silver screen on the other. You should insert the silver side into the typewriter, face the characters of the typewriter, and the paper should be placed alongside on which the matter needs to be printed.


Erasers are easy to use and help you rectify in case of any faults. Erasers also come in a variety of types and sizes. The modernised forms of erasers include fluids for correction along with whiteners.

Generally, fluids are made of certain chemicals that can be sprayed on the stencil while typing some matter on the stencils, duplicating!

Whiteners, on the contrary, are just spread on the characters which have been wrongly put or on the specific spellings that are not written. As they dry up, the space is reset in the typewriter accordingly.

Wrap Up

So these are the top stationeries available in the market, both offline and online! A good stationery kit can make or break your administrative work, and it is best to buy good quality and durable ones. We hope you ace your job while you use them.

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