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Ruminating Rugs: Choosing the Right Modern Rug for Your Home

Ruminating Rugs: Choosing the Right Modern Rug for Your Home

by Alison Lurie

Right Modern Rug for Your Home

Whether you have an empty room to decorate or need a new rug, choosing from modern rugs is hard. Rugs are statement pieces that can make or break a room. With so much pressure and choice upon you, how do you pick a rug?

Tips to Choose the Right Rug

Choosing modern rugs for your home isn’t a matter of picking the pattern you like the best; it’s about finding the best fit for the room. Here are the main tips to consider when choosing your modern rug.

Timing Matters

There are two perfect times to pick your rug: at the beginning or the end.

When you pick the rug first, you’re building the rest of your room around it. It’s beneficial to choose the carpet first if you’re unsure what aesthetic you want for the room. You can pick the rug that you like the most without worrying about the furniture you’ve already selected!

If you pick at the end, it can take away the pressure of selecting from a wide variety of patterns and materials. You’ll already have a base on which to build up – no pun intended!

Larger the Better

Rugs are meant to be larger than life. If you’re concerned about what size to get, always go for the bigger one.

If you get a rug too small for the room, your furniture will seem disconnected and leave a sense of incompleteness hanging about.

It’s always best to go for the rug that looks too big!

All Shapes

Rectangle and square-shaped rugs are the norms. These rugs work brilliantly for hallways and limited spaces. They fit perfectly and afford elegance to the room. But, just because they’re the standard does not mean that you have to opt for these shapes.

The beauty of a rug is the ability to explore other shapes. A circular rug is just as good an option for a room. Don’t be boxed in by the same old rectangular ones!

Floor Colour

While it may not occur to you when purchasing the rug, the colour of the floor you’re placing the carpet on matters. If you have cool-toned wood, go for lighter, more neutral shades. A warm-toned wooden floor can handle brighter colours.

If you don’t align the carpet and floor, the entire room will seem off balance and won’t be aesthetically pleasing any longer!

Maintenance is a Must

The key to a long-lasting rug isn’t just the quality. While it does matter, it is more about the upkeep of the carpet. As it happens, rugs require constant vacuuming, cleaning, and washing to remain in great shape.

So, if you have a stain, work on getting it out immediately, don’t hesitate to vacuum and wash the rug as often as possible!

Think Colour

Much like the traditional rectangle rugs, you might be tempted to go for a basic white or black carpet. It’s often best to avoid such extreme colours, primarily for maintenance. White stains easily, and black can heat a room.

If you’re looking for a pop of colour in the room, you can opt for a more colourful or patterned rug that isn’t such an extreme white or black!

Modern rugs come with the most unconventional, experimental patterns. With that much choice involved, you’ll need all the help choosing. A few simple tips like choosing the biggest rug and paying attention to the floors go a long way in picking the favourite rug.

Have you picked your rug out yet?

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