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Cast or Handmade Jewellery : Which Jewellery Making Technique Suits Your Taste

Cast or Handmade Jewellery : Which Jewellery Making Technique Suits Your Taste

by Alison Lurie

Cast or Handmade Jewellery : Which Jewellery Making Technique Suits Your Taste

Jewellery, especially those made from gold, is known to be a good investment. You only need to go to any fine jewellery house to purchase to start investing. The pieces displayed at jewellery houses nowadays are crafted using a process called jewellery casting.

For those with a more discerning taste, you can also request a specially designed piece of jewellery. While these jewellery pieces may be more expensive, you will rest assured that every aspect of that piece is unique and handcrafted to your specifications.

Jewellery casting

Part of the jewellery manufacturing process is jewellery casting, which dates back thousands of years ago.

Jewellery casting, or lost wax casting, is the method of pouring gold or other metals in cavities made from stone, plaster, sand, cuttlefish bone, or in recent years, wax. Once solidified, these “castings” are then freed from the mould, and the artisans further work on them to form the final pieces.

With the advent of technology, jewellery casting has evolved to become an efficient method of producing pieces in bulk. This was brought about by the rapid growth of the jewellery industry. But the changes in the jewellery manufacturing process also came with a price: the loss of the uniqueness and individuality of the pieces of jewellery made.

Fine jewellery houses nowadays also use jewellery casting. However, choosing and setting the gemstone is still different. The gemstone used undergoes a careful selection process, and the craftsmanship employed in designing and setting the gemstone into the piece of jewellery is still unparalleled.

Handmade jewellery

Handmade pieces of jewellery are unique as they are specially designed or commissioned for you. Every aspect, from the design to the jewellery-making process, is handcrafted. Experienced jewellers are usually employed to make these jewellery pieces because the process requires a high level of craftsmanship, as most pieces do not make use of any moulds.

A single piece of handmade jewellery is usually worked on for a couple of days to weeks, from design conception to execution and finishing by skilled goldsmiths. This is why handmade pieces of jewellery are more expensive than your usual cast pieces of jewellery: you are paying for a high level of skill and passion passed down from generations.

Handmade pieces of jewellery can be made from just jewellery metal or with a gemstone. The design process of jewellery pieces with gemstone is unique in that the design is created to accentuate the gemstone and not the other way around as with cast jewellery. Once you have approved the design, the goldsmith will then start to create every part of your jewellery by hand before putting them together and then polished to be presented to you.

Handmade pieces of jewellery are stronger than cast jewellery because they have been hardened. After all, they went through the different processes of bending, rolling, hammering, and shaping before they were finished and presented to you.

The choice of deciding on your first jewellery purchase should always be personal. For most, the decision seems to be a no-brainer. They would always purchase the more expensive choice not only because of the level of craftsmanship involved in making that piece of jewellery but also because they want to be part of the glorious process of artful creation of craftsmen who made the piece.

But you can also buy cast jewellery that is equally expensive because of the skill involved in choosing the gemstone, the level of skill involved in designing the piece of jewellery, and the craftsmanship involved in setting the gemstone into the piece of jewellery. Remember, the choice will always be yours and yours alone.

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